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Vice President Mike Pence led a press briefing by the White House Coronavirus Task Force at the Brady Briefing Room Thursday afternoon. Pence said the briefing was ordered by President Trump.

At the end of the hour long briefing that featured presentations by several task force members, Pence closed the session without taking questions. The reporters screamed at Pence and the task force members just like the leftists who screamed at and menaced Trump supporters on the streets of D.C. last weekend after the Million MAGA March.

Reporters erupted in anger, screaming at Pence and the task force members as they exited the room. ABC’s Jonathan Karl stood up from his front row seat and waved his arms wide as he harangued Pence and then ripped off and threw down his lapel mic on his seat in disgust.

Other reporters angrily bellowed:

Male reporter: “Are you really not going to take questions?”

Female reporter (three times): “Why is the federal government not taking any questions?”

Male reporter screaming: “All of you need to answer this! What is going on? You’re not working with the transition! You’re all part of not recognizing democracy! You’re all undermining the democratic election! Every one of of you! And you won’t work with the transition!”


ABC’s Evan McMurry confirmed it was Karl acting up:

  • Steve Fye says:

    I wouldn’t answer their fucking dumb ass questions either. All they want is to twist your words and bitch and moan. The petulant children in the democrat media don’t deserve a single damn answer to anything. He has more class than I do. I’d say, “FUCK YOU and have a nice day”

  • CF