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The U-Haul that began distributing riot supplies in Louisville immediately following the announcement that no officers would be charged for Breonna Taylor’s death was rented to Holly Zoller of the Louisville Bail Initiative.

The pre-parked truck was loaded with shields painted with anti-police messages, umbrellas, gas masks, and other riot supplies.

Zoller confirmed it was her in a phone call from a concerned citizen who pretended to work for the rental company.

A U-Haul employee leaked logs proving that Zoller was the one who rented the truck.

The Bail Project also has ties to George Soros, the founder of the Open Society Foundation. At least two employees of the Bail Project are or were “Soros Justice Fellows.” According to the Open Society Foundation’s website, “the Soros Justice Fellowships fund outstanding individuals to undertake projects that advance reform, spur debate, and catalyze change on a range of issues facing the U.S. criminal justice system.”

The Bail Project also boasts a number of celebrities on its board of advisors, including enterpreneur and founder of Virgin Richard Branson, lawyer and legal commentator David Feige, actor Danny Glover, and musician John Legend.

The Bail Project website claims to have paid bail for 12,096 criminals to date.

According to her bio on the Bail Project website, Zoller “has organized around anti-fascist movements. Prior to joining TBP, Holly owned a gardening company, worked as a sous chef, and as a professional organizer. Holly lives in Louisville with her three daughters.”

Internal logs leaked by someone at U-Haul, and obtained by Twitter user @IntelDotWav, shows that they are aware of the situation.

Zoller has previously been photographed at the Charlottesville riots in 2017, wearing goggles and carrying a wooden stick of some sort.

  • Kamkoz says:

    That thing driving the uhaul…
    “But I wasn’t even a protester, I just delivered it like I was told”.
    Photos, posted later, tell a different story of course.
    She claims to be a mother of three… I feel sorry for the children. But wait !! Pro-abortionist with three kids? Oxymoron? More like plain moron without the oxy.
    “But it’s my constitutional right to be able to freely express myself”, she cries…
    Allow me to freely express myself when I say, “her pathetic ass needs taken out behind the barn for a good ole fashioned can of whoop ass”….
    Even then it would do any good… gotta be able to get through the fat rolls in order to find a butt cheek to be effective.
    Won’t happen with this one I’m afraid.. I’m sure her lying, oversized, mouth would also be a deterrent.
    Someone made the comment that they called her number and said they were referencing her student loan as a prank.
    Hahahahaha… okayyyyyy. What student loan?
    THIS is a byproduct of our tax payer dollar in its purest form. It’s called welfare.
    Student loan…. baahaahaaaahaaaa too funny.
    Maybe she protests hoping to find her baby daddys, or possibly get knocked up again, it’s a crap shoot at this point.
    I will give her a single clap for walking two blocks in protest. I’m fairly certain the majority of her day is spent on her phone in a well dented area of her second hand couch.
    Oh my… but isn’t she “White priveledged”, you ask?
    The world may never know…
    But that’s my opinion. I am freely expressing it as my constitutional right to have the authority to call it like “I” see it just like she said she does.
    I certainly hope she sees this…
    Wouldn’t that be fun?!! Lmao
    I would live inside her head for months….

  • WaveForm says:

    Time to take out these groups backing the Rioters and time to take out soros……….communist socialist scum of the earth!

  • Stephen Russell says:

    Apply to all other riots nationwide, trace U Hauls, money use U Haul records

  • John Goult says:

    Charge Her and any others involved with this under the RICO ACT! Go after George Soros and all of the Family, again, under RICO!

  • Sharon says:

    Follow the money! It will lead to George Soros!

  • george eady says:


  • DAve says:

    They should fast track all their court cases and get them all back in jail before the election. They are out on bail only, not proven innocent yet.

  • CF