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Two mask-wearing zealots apparently were on patrol Friday in Manhattan Beach, California, and were caught on video telling a pair of maskless rebels that they were breaking a commandment.

“Ya’ll need to be wearing masks,” a woman’s voice is heard off camera.

The two men without masks were chatting with each other on a bench and apparently minding their own business when the woman and her male companion began scolding them.

The maskless man recording video of the exchange explained that he and his friend are “locals here” and are “on the other side of the fence” when it comes to wearing masks: “We don’t believe in this stuff.”

The other maskless man who was wearing a dark short-sleeved shirt soon had about enough of the berating from the woman’s male companion.

“What are you looking at me for? I didn’t say s**t to you,” the other maskless man hollered. “Get the f*** out of my face!”

Soon a drink splashed all over the maskless man wearing the dark shirt as he sat on the bench — and then it was on.

He jumped up, ran over to the couple, and a struggle ensued with the victim who’d been doused by the drink wrestling with the woman and her male companion.

The maskless victim apparently got a few good shots in, as the woman’s male companion was soon seen with blood spattered all over his white shirt and on his face. The woman apparently managed to slap the maskless man upside the head.

“That was dumb,” the maskless man recording video was heard saying, adding that the woman “shouldn’t have thrown the drink in his face.”

But rather than come to her senses and apologize, the woman seemed ready for more: “I don’t give a f***.”

And believe it or not, she added that “I hope somebody saw that, and I would do it 10 times over, motherf***er. F*** you.”

Soon the woman’s male companion was on his cellphone calling 911 — which the maskless victim found amusing: “What are you gonna do? Tell the cops you threw coffee at me?”

The maskless man recording video added, “You know your significant other here, your wife or girlfriend, she threw a drink in his face and assaulted him” and noted that the drink “was hot.”

But the woman’s male companion forged ahead, telling 911 that “I’ve just been assaulted. I’m bleeding out of my face right now. … He punched me in the face. I’m bleeding out of my mouth right now.” He also claimed the maskless victim punched the woman.

“I did not punch her, you f***ing liar!” the victim hollered before adding that “your girlfriend’s gonna get you f***ing arrested. You can’t throw hot coffee at people.”

“You can’t punch people in the face, my friend,” the woman replied, apparently claiming the victim — his shirt now badly ripped — hit her male companion before she threw the drink on him.

“You should have left us the f*** alone!” the victim hollers at the couple before big laughter ensues and two maskless men begin chomping on their meals.

“What a morning!” one of them was heard saying before police sirens were heard in the distance and the clip ends.

Content warning: Language:

Although what went down after police arrived wasn’t part of the video, the Manhattan Beach Patch said no arrests were made, and both parties involved were asked to apologize to each other and did so.

  • Evangeline says:

    Crazy deranged Dems. Always starting trouble, getting in the face of innocent people minding their own business! You can always tell them by their mantra – the F word. Lying whining cry babies always making themselves to be the victims even though they start the assaults! Hope those 2 guys sue them!

  • Tom says:

    The world according to liberals is about to change… time to start kicking these paid thugs’ asses.

  • Mars says:

    Had that been me there would have been an arrest. Second Degree Murder, and trust me, at my age life in prison is NOT a deterrent…

  • Michael Luetke says:

    Typical Commiefornia, ” no arrests were made” though there was proof the bitch and her dipshit boyfriend were in the wrong as the instigators. These guys were EATING and OUTSIDE. Its kinda hard to eat with a mask on.

  • CF