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The View Hosts GO NUTS After Supreme Court Reinstates Trump’s TRAVEL BAN [VIDEO]



Snowflakes across the nation are going nuts after hearing that the Supreme Court ha decided to uphold, partially, Trump’s travel ban on six Muslim nations.

The View hosts had a “crazy” time dealing with the news … they just can’t handle it.


The U.S. Supreme Court will be reviewing President Trump’s travel ban fully in the fall.

  • Janelli says:

    BTW, When will these hags go off the airwaves? I don’t know anyone who likes or watches them!

  • Valerie Walton says:

    I love it, you cackling hens know not what you say for you are total idiots and I love to see you guys squirm in your hate for our President of which is doing the best job than any president has done for the past 50 years. He truly cares about keeping our country safe, running it as our fore fathers did of which made us a great nation to begin with. You people and people who think like you (Obama) have weakened us greatly and it’s time to stop. I’m sorry all you idiots lost allot and I mean allot of your own money backing either Hillary or Bernie for that shows your stupidity. The people spoke even above your democratic try’s of cheating the polls for God wants Trump in Office and Trump now is in office and there is not a single thing you hens can do about it so shut up and leave the country like most of you said you would do, that alone would be another great way of strengthening our nation!

  • CF