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The Viewers Were In Shock When CNN Anchor Let Something Slip



After CNN’s coverage of Trump’s recent arrival in France in which the host accidentally let something slip that she didn’t mean to say, the viewers were in shock. And this video is going viral.

CNN has trouble regaining credibility and trust with the American people, their ratings are decreasing constantly. But it seems that the anchors at the network are clueless of this fact and are blaming “bully” Trump for their problems.

Recently one of their hosts let something slip that is not only shameful but it’s also harmful as they are trying to regain any credibility.

As Fox News reported, as CNN host Poppy Harlow was reporting on Trump’s arrival in France she mistook The Star-Spangled Banner for French National Anthem. As it seems she didn’t recognize our own National Anthem and corrected her mistake after she was told in her earpiece.

Harlow said, “Let’s just listen in to the French national anthem for just a moment.”  After least ten seconds whispering could be heard in the background–presumably a producer who caught Harlow’s error–and Harlow had to correct herself. “The US–American national anthem–I should say,” she said with a chuckle. “Let’s listen.”

A slip of the tongue happens often, but when you don’t recognize your own anthem, and someone else has to tell you the difference then it’s is a big thing.

CNN is just a joke, maybe they managed to attack the Republicans for years now, but that is all over. Trump exposed them for what they truly are.

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  • Charlie says:

    That’s what you get when you let “CNN JOURNALIST” have a mike and no script.

  • The people that hate Trump do not like anything to do with being patriotic To their country usually !!

  • Mary Anderson says:

    Pathetic. How did she get get that job????

  • R says:

    People make mistakes, but she should have quickly caught it and restated it immediately. Sadly she had to be told, yet perhaps she did not realize that she said the French National Anthem.

  • CF