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Violent Antifa Leader Just Got Devastating News From President Trump



An Antifa group called “BAMN” claimed that “By Any Mean Necessary,” they will take down President Trump and silence anyone who stands in their way. The leader of the group is Yvette Felarca who have demonstrated violent behavior in the past by setting buildings on fire, attacking protesters and causing riots.

Yvette Felarca is the leader of the “BAMN,” a proto-Marxist organization, which proudly says the only way to change is by violence, is similar to the 1960’s group called the “Weather Underground.” She was arrested after the Berkeley riots after a video emerged proving she attacked one man, because as she says he was a neo-Nazi. She also claims anyone who supports President Trump is fascist. But the terrifying part is that she is a middle school teacher in Berkeley, shaping young minds.

There are minimum two videos showing how she yells “Get the f— o our streets,” to one man who was there to show his support for the so-called neo-Nazi movement and then hitting him in the stomach. This teacher explained her behavior was due to the fact that anyone who is demonstrating hate should be silenced.

“They’re stabbing people, bullying them, and intimidating them,” Felarca claimed. She also blamed the police officer during the press conference, saying they should have intervened and stopped her. She is also claiming false injuries, allegedly she was stabbed, but on the clip, you can see that she only fell on the head and later she has a head bandage.

This “the cops are bad” defense is not going to work anymore, and if by any chance she is cleared of her charges, Jeff Sessions has her organization BAMN on his radar. Few day ago, President Trump told Session to shut down the Antifa movement.

“The Department of Justice has formally requested that web hosting firm ‘DreamHost’ turn over 1.3 million IP addresses and other information to ‘unmask‘ visitors to the anti-Trump Antifa website ‘,’ as part of the investigation into crimes committed,” reports Zero Hedge.

The end is coming for these violent organizations, President Trump will not allow American people to be terrorized.

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  • Richard Misel Jr says:

    Those anti-America NAZI / FASCIST / COMMUNIST COWARD SCUMBAGS ( antifa ) must all be arrested for terrorism.!

  • Sal belardo says:

    When they are caught doing violence arrest them. If they are illegal deport them! The left are the New Nazi Party and Anarchists all rolled up into one! We don’t want these people in America! Just as much as we don’t wan’t Islamic Terrorists!

  • j coyle says:

    these people are so busy fighting the system, with blood money from George soros, that when a serious attack comes they will have nothing to protect themselves. I can afford to build an underground bunker or whatever is needed. they will be standing on the streets whooping and yelling and be a target for the annilators of the usa. when its over the good, and rich come out and the poor supported by soros will be dead on the streets. do you idiots think George soros is going to offer you protection. he is using you for his purpose while protecting his own evil butt. you nothing but a slave to his desires, just like barack Obama.

  • Kippy Poulson says:

    I believe Antifa and any of it’s spin off organizations should be categorized as a terrorist organization and jailed.

  • AHZZ says:

    That’s RIGHT Folks! Trump, DHS, DOJ, Local Law Enforcement, etc will ALL soon be taking down all these foolish, “Enemy of the State” violent hate groups! MAGAx10000!

  • Rick says:

    The Democratic party is the largest terrorist organization in the US today and much worse than ISIS.

  • CF