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President Donald Trump shared a video on Saturday of Louisiana State University (LSU) students dancing in the White House on Friday to celebrate their football championship.

Trump shared a video posted by wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase featuring many of the players in their suits and ties dancing in the White House to the song “Get the Gat” by Lil Elt.

“A great day at the White House for our National Champions, the LSU Tigers!” Trump wrote:

The video featured players John Emery, Peter Parrish, Justin Jefferson, and others.

“He’s going to be so rich,” Trump said about Jefferson during the team’s visit, and the team laughed. “Oh — we’re looking at money. … You guys are going to make so much money”:

The woman in white dancing in the video was identified as Gemi Bordelon, the wife of former LSU football player Ben Bordelon.

During the team’s visit, the president invited the players to tour the Oval Office.

“It’s a special place. There’s no place like the Oval,” Trump said. “They come from all over the world. They have their own big offices and everything. They go into the Oval, and they say, ‘There’s no place like this.’”

Donald Trump Jr. also posted the video on Twitter.

“This wins the Internet today. National champions LSU football getting down in the blue room of the White House,” he wrote. “Awesome!”:

Trump Jr. added, “I heard they had @realDonaldTrump dancing too but that video is top secret. I could show you but then I’d have to kill you!”

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