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Gov. Ralph Northam (D-VA) announced Thursday morning that he had ordered the removal of a famous Confederate statue that sits in the middle of the state capital of Richmond.

Northam provided a lengthy Twitter thread on his decision to remove the monument now, as cities across the country succumb to rioting and looting following the police-involved death of Minneapolis, Minnesota, resident George Floyd.

“Today, we’re here to be honest about our past and talk about our future,” Northam began, ignoring the fact that he has not been honest about whether he wore a KKK hood or dressed in blackface while in medical school. “I strongly believe that we have to confront where we’ve been in order to shape where we’re going.”

Northam explained that “symbols matter” as well as actual policies.

“Today, Virginia is home to more Confederate commemorations than any other state. That’s true because generations ago, Virginia made the decision not to celebrate unity, but to honor the cause of division,” Northam tweeted. “The statue of Robert E. Lee is the most prominent. Lee himself didn’t want a monument, but Virginia built one any way. Instead of choosing to heal the wounds of the American civil war, they chose to keep them on display.”

Northam then explained that those who built the statues created “lots of new laws” that made it impossible to remove the statues.

“But voting matters, elections matter, and laws can be changed,” Northam tweeted. “And this year, we changed them. This year, I proposed legislation to let cities and counties decide what to do with monuments in their communities—take them down, move them somewhere else, or add additional context.”

“But the Lee statue is unique, both in size and in legal status. The state owns it, unlike most other statues––that was part of the plan to keep it up forever. It sits on a 100-foot circle of land, a state-owned island, surrounded by the City of Richmond,” he continued. “And when it’s the biggest thing around, it sends a clear message: This is what we value the most. But that’s just not true anymore. In Virginia, we no longer preach a false version of history.”

Northam said he has directed Virginia’s Department of Government Services to remove the statue and put it into storage until the community decides what to do with it.

In addition to the Lee statue, four other Confederate monuments on Monument Avenue in Richmond look to be on the chopping block, though they are on city land and so it is up to Richmond leaders what to do with them. Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney, who introduced Northam during his public comments regarding the Lee statue, said he would seek to remove the other four monuments, WTOP reported.

  • BWH says:

    This is Northam fulfilling his part of the quid pro quo that allowed him to stay in office after the revelation of his KKK hat/blackface picture. He stays in office, he does whatever they tell him to do.!

  • Farm Girl says:

    Destroy a country’s history… will destroy the country itself. That’s exactly how Hitler begun his campaign of evil dictatorship of murder and destruction. Notice how America is following his footsteps. Look back of the past number of years of the tear downs of statues, American artifacts, etc. protests, college students like packs of wilds dogs. Government leaders wanting power, $$ to win elections following suit. DO YOU REALLY THINK THIS GREAT FREE COUNTRY CAN’T BE BROUGHT LOW AND TOTALLY BROKEN….READ ROMAN HISTORY…A MOST POWERFUL COUNTRY…..LOOK INTO IT’S MIRROR. When the seeds of kicking God out were planted, the evil of men is fast taking over.

    • Lisa Millar says:

      They say a world power usually lasts 200-300 years and then in falls according to previous history. The democrats are doing whatever they can to destroy the US. Statues and artifacts, etc., are part of our history and culture. What is not and what was then are two different things; you don’t get rid of what was then just because you don’t believe in it or interpet a different way. Its like a yankee coming to the south and destroying all confederate things that the south may be prooud of. Let things be. These people need to watach wome documentaries about what happened with Hitler, Stalin, Muselini, Castro, etc. and just see what happened when they took over. 99% of the people would not like it. The liberals need to wake up.

  • Stephen Russell says:

    OK South rise up in Unison now for your History & heritage
    & now add notable slaves too make=

  • Donna Powell says:

    Damn shame. Can’t change history by removing a statue. To bad the patriots in Virginia don’t protest.

  • Patriot1951 says:

    They’re going to replace it with a statue of Karl Marx…right next to the statue of Adolph Hitler. The formerly great Commonwealth of Virginia has been conquered by the leftist spill-over from DC.

  • CF