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Washington Store Owner Sentenced To 8 Years For Killing Robber



A convenience store owner from Spanaway, Washington has been sentenced to 8 years in prison after shooting a thug who stole from his establishment.

According to Q13 Fox, surveillance footage from the March 25, 2016 incident shows 31-year-old Min Sik Kim asking a group of men loitering outside his store to leave.

While he was outside, 21-year-old Jakeel Rashon Mason can be seen attempting to steal cigarettes from behind the counter of Kim’s store.

The footage shows Kim and Mason subsequently engaging in a fight. Ultimately, according to Q13 Fox, Kim can be seen shooting Mason in the back as he flees.

As King 5 reports, prior to this incident, Min Kim’s wife was shot in the stomach by another thug attempting to rob their store.

Kim subsequently pled guilty to second-degree murder.

During sentencing, Q13 Fox quotes him as stating, “I’m here to take responsibility for my actions in taking Mason’s life. I accept the consequences. I did not have the right to take his life.”

KOMO News reports that Judge John Hickman, keeping the earlier shooting of Kim’s wife in mind, acknowledged that the situation was tough but stated deadly force was not warranted on Kim’s part.

According to another KOMO News article, Mason previously made headlines when he was convicted of attempting to kidnap a 6-year-old girl, Savanna.

The outlet’s article on the kidnapping reads as follows:

“I looked both ways, and there was no one coming but then I went halfway across the street, two guys came out of nowhere,” Savanna says.

And what happened next is every parent’s nightmare.

“They grabbed me,” says Savanna.

But Savanna’s smart moves made her mom very proud.

“Run … and kick … and punch,” says the little girl.

“What’s the No. 1 thing you did that got everybody’s attention around the whole neighborhood?” asks Savanna’s mom, Amy Norman.

“I kicked him,” says Savanna. “I screamed loud.”

This 6-year-old knows “stranger danger” well.

“‘Cause mommy teaches me,” she says.

Amy saw the attempted kidnapping from her front window, and dashed out the door.

“My heart was pounding,” she says.

  • ken holtzclaw says:

    I would like to see President Trump pardon this guy

  • Y'all are sick bastards says:

    I agree with all of your comments…if someone comes on my store to shoplift I don’t care who they are or how old I will shoot them dead…old people stealing food cause they’re hungry…little kids stealing candy…don’t care they’re dead…even if they’re running out the door if they steal from me they are dead dead dead

  • Y'all are sick bastards says:

    Oh yeah I forgot to add especially if they look like liberals…you know how they look…all liberal like…with that liberal hair and skin and liberal clothes and shoes..ewww…you can just tell the minute you see them…have you noticed their smell…hideous

  • Dick says:

    I would have shot him, too. Have to disagree with the ruling, but I know Washington and some other western states have some screwed up laws. Glad I’m not having to live there. I’d have to leave!

  • MVW says:

    Once someone takes it upon themselves to pull a gun on another person in order to rob, kill, harm or kidnap, they automatically lose all rights. If they get killed in the process, then they get killed in the process.

    Break into my house, try and rob me, and shoot my wife… Ha… I can promise you this, you wouldn’t get past breaking in.

  • froggy57 says:

    Normally I am all for shooting the thieves. But over a pack of cigs and as he was running away.. hmmm a bit over the top, actually.

    • froggy57 says:

      However, can you imagine how the black convicts in prison will treat this guy? He’ll have to spend his entire 8 years in solitaire.

  • CF