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Austen Fletcher, a YouTuber known for his “man on the street” videos, released a new video on Friday showing actors cold reading firearm facts don’t fit the liberal agenda.

And their reactions were priceless.

What were some of the facts they read?

  • “According to the CDC, there were roughly 38,000 gun deaths in 2016 — two-thirds of them were suicides.”
  • “There are over five times more murders by knives than by rifles.”
  • “The U.S. has the highest gun ownership in the world, but ranks 28th in gun murders. That’s a rate of 2.97 deaths per 100,000 people.”
  • “Hand guns are responsible for more than 80 percent of total mass shootings.”
  • Between 1993 and 2003, gun ownership increased by 56 percent, while gun violence decreased by nearly half.”
  • “Since 1950, nearly all public mass shootings have occurred in ‘gun free zones.'”
  • “There is a clear correlation between higher firearm ownership and reducing police killings.”
  • “Switzerland, a nation of about 8 million, is armed with an estimated 2 million guns in circulation with limited gun legislation. Switzerland’s overall gun homicide rate is practically zero.”

“I just kind of blindly chose a side on the whole issue without really thinking about facts,” one of the actors admitted after the reading.

“It’s interesting to actually take the time and see what the facts say as opposed to what I personally feel,” that actor added.

“I mean, I’m gonna be honest. For me, I don’t really, like, go to the main news sources ‘cause a lot of it’s always, like, pushed by an agenda, you know what I mean? So, to get the real facts, you always have to do more research,” another said.

“I mean, it definitely makes me want to do more research about everything that’s happening right now with gun violence,” one actress added.

“Gun control does not really mean crime control,” another actor said of what he learned.

Watch the video below:

  • Eric Martin says:

    Welcome to the REAL world. Don’t just blindly follow along like sheep to what the talking heads say. Think for yourselves, do the research and you will see the truth.

  • chuckB says:

    Surprise, liberals just parrot what their “leaders” want them to say, they don’t use their brains to find out the truth.

    • Alan Doud says:

      You are suggesting that liberals are total idiots. Both sides parrot propaganda without realizing it. What you just posted is like name calling and does the opposite of bringing things out to the light of day, by putting them on the defensive. Both sides have people that are very intelligent as well and both sides have good and bad points. There is not debate with name calling.

      • Taterrr says:

        I really think its all Media trying to split this country. What hurts the system is all the babyboomers. We knw there full of it ( The Media that is). We can knock them down as many times as they try to get up. Theres so much Bias goin on rt now(left an RT) nobody believes a word that the media says. I personally call it the CLOWN Show.There is just as many good Conservatives as liberals.Yes we have our differences.But have you noticed how the election of 16 is still goin on. Hell we use to be thankful when an election was over. Everything went back to normal.

  • Rebecca Davis says:

    Who are these “actors?” If y’all had gotten some recognizeable actors, this video would have had some real impact.

  • Big Montana says:

    Bring the pain, (pain for these lefties includes truth and facts). They won’t seek truth or facts for themselves, they have to be force fed.

  • Carl says:

    This proves liberals react before knowing the true facts, just like the people that believe what the lying media say without doing any research.

  • CF