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A gang of Antifa thugs struck again as the Proud Boys marched in Portland, Oregon and journalists were there to document it.

Andy Ngo, who was attacked at the last event Antifa had in Portland, documented what happened to one journalist.

A white woman, marching against white supremacy, in the video attempts to step in and bring calm to the situation and by the end has to apologize for being white.

“Independent journalist @Muffinpan503 was attacked & pepper sprayed. A woman tries to calm the angry shirtless man following him but is told to mind her own business as a white person,” Ngo said.

In another encounter a black man was saying a prayer on a loudspeaker when a black man started screaming at him.

“A black man praises Jesus on a bullhorn. The shirtless protester yells at him: ‘Ain’t no f—ing white Jesus going to save the black man from the white man’s oppression, uncle Tom,’” Ngo said.

In another video, journalist Elijah Schaffer captured a group of Antifa protesters attacking a man with a hammer.

“BREAKING. Antifa has major CLASH with Proud Boys on Portland bridge in traffic,” he said in a tweet with the video.

“A serious assault took place on PB’s after they busted the door of the bus, they also threw a metal hammer at them. I also got pepper sprayed in the face with many others. Sorry for language,” he said.


  • gouchr says:

    Open carry in Portland……………. the life you save might be your own!!

  • Joe says:

    Time for antifa people to start dying. Thats why i carry plus a 10 inch knife. Bet they wont come for me…. cowards

  • ANTIFA is a terrorist grip and should be treated like one. Once they form a terrorist gathering, the federal government should send in law enforcement to arrest the for crimes against the state.

  • Bob Macfarlane says:

    The new phrase has to be “Don’t bring a hammer to a gun fight!”

  • Tim Woolsey says:

    You know why this bullshit does not happen in Texas? Because those faggots kicking in the door of that bus would have been shot! That fall under legally defending yourself and you can put a bullet in their stupid fucking liberal head. Good American Patriots in Texas are ALWAYS packing!

  • CF