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On Thursday, Ami Horowitz released a new video to YouTube in which he asks white and black New Yorkers if they “support abolishing the police.” Their answers are…quite different.

“There are many on the Left who want to abolish the police, feeling that communities of color will be better off without them,” Horowitz begins the video.

Horowitz then talks about how getting rid of the police “has entered the realm of normative debate,” citing the apparent support of the mayor of New York City’s wife.

First, he asks white New Yorkers about the police: “How much better off would the black community be if we dismantled the police?”

The answers ranged from affirmative to aggressive.

“I think infinitely, honestly,” a man wearing a light blue mask says.

A woman carrying several bags answers: “How much better off would we all be?”

One man wearing a pink t-shirt gets philosophical, and then aggressive: “I’d rather have something that doesn’t work without them than what we currently have, which is something that doesn’t work with them … I think that they are disgusting … I f***ing hate the police.”

Pink t-shirt later reiterates that he “f***ing” hates “the police and everything they stand for.”

Another man says the police should “absolutely” be abolished, and that they are “monsters.”

An older bald man claimes that “policing in this country is about keeping black people down,” and that “police arose out of slave-catching patrols.”

When asked about how people feel in “East Harlem” about the police, a respondent featured in the video says that he believes the people would feel the same as he does, if not more so.

Horowitz goes to Harlem to find out.

There, he asks a black man wearing a dark vest and woman with a gold necklace the following question: “What do you think of the people who say … your community would be better off if there was no police?”

The man replies: “I think they’re full of crap.”

The woman takes a more delicate approach: “I think they’re being somewhat ignorant.”

The man continues, saying that his 8-year-old son wants to be a policeman and that he, as a father, wants his son to be a policeman.

When Horowitz asks a man wearing a Nike t-shirt “how dangerous” the area would be without police, the man says it would be “very dangerous” because “people would be just going crazy.”

“It would be worse than what it is,” he adds. “Robberies, looting, raping, murder.”

Another woman replies that “it would be havoc” if the police were abolished.

One man wearing a “Black Lives Matter” t-shirt states that abolishing the NYPD “would be suicide.”

“There’s too many criminals out here, man. Are you kidding me?” the man adds. “I wouldn’t feel safe.”

Similar sentiment is expressed by others who interact with Horowitz.

A woman wearing a flower-patterned shirt says that she has family who are police and that she wouldn’t “want to see a lawless society.” She also makes sure to note that while she supports the police, she does not support police brutality.

When asked about the relationship between the NYPD and members of the community, a man wearing a blue Nike hat claims that “it’s pretty good,” noting that “all police officers are not bad,” and that there are ones who “really care about the people and really want to help the people.”

Check out the video here:

  • Intellectual Impaler says:

    Yep, only white anarchists would want a lawless Utopian Society where the victim will become a bigger victim who can’t defend himself because next thing to go would be guns.

  • CF