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WATCH: Barack Obama is Trying to Get This Video SILENCED. He Doesn’t Want It Watched.



Liberals have removed this film from the internet multiple times. It has been posted again, but it may not remain for long.

A short but powerful documentary was recently released revealing the full destruction of the Muslim invasion of Europe. Liberals in America are trying to censor the movie that will convince millions to close our borders to so-called refugees.

The eye-opening documentary details the true scale of the destruction that has been hidden from us.

For example, even London, once the center of the Western world, is not immune from the Muslim influx. Englishmen are now a minority in the English capitol, marking the start of a trend spreading around the continent.

This is a trend that is occurring in all major European city centers. If the politicians have their way, in a few years Germany will not be German and France will not be French.

The Muslim migrants are attempting to bring their disgusting customs with them to Europe. Sharia law is starting to spread, and crime is on the rise.

A reporter featured in the film reveals that “recent police statistics show that in the capital of Oslo, 100 percent of assault rapes between strangers were committed by immigrant non-Western males and 9 out of 10 of their victims were native Norwegian women.”

The film ultimately offers a simple message that is very difficult to hear. Political leaders across Europe are attempting to commit the largest genocide in world history. However, instead of mass killings, this is a genocide of displacement and out-breeding.

Politicians have lied for decades in order to bring in Muslims. At first, they claimed the Muslims were temporary workers, then a part of multiculturalism, and now they are considered refugees.

The excuse for the influx of Muslim’s changes, but the goal remains the same: the complete destruction of the white race.

Europe is being stolen from the Europeans and the politicians are allowing it to happen. We cannot allow America to follow the same path. We must resist the scourge of Islam.

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  • Bryan. says:

    I do know the extent of mass, illegal migration. In my opinion, i think every immigrant that came here to the U.S. under Barack Obama`s term, should be sent back to their original country. They came here illegally, and it does NOT matter if they became a citizen during this time. They came here illegally to begin with, which is breaking our laws, and their citizenship should be terminated, and they should be sent home.
    This was the agenda of the Global Elites to destroy Western Countries, by mass migrations to overwhelm, and bankrupt our economies. It is their agenda to oppress the citizens and bring in the New World Order.
    This should be dealt with, and stopped immediately.

  • CF