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Vice President Joe Biden appeared to confuse Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders for the president of the United States Thursday during the Democratic presidential debate.

During a heated debate over Sanders’ Medicare for All bill, Biden referred to Sanders as “the president” before referring to him by his actual title.

“I hear this large savings, the president— my friend from Vermont says you’re going to give back, got a cut in wages because you got insurance,” Biden said. “They’re going to give back that money to the employee?”


The 76-year-old former vice president has repeatedly made gaffes on the campaign trail, which has raised questions about his health. If elected, Biden would be the oldest president in American history but he assured a crowd in New Hampshire last month that “he was not going nuts.”

Democratic Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan, a long shot presidential campaign, recently claimed that Biden is “declining,” and said he had heard similar concerns expressed by voters on the campaign trail.

“I just think Biden is declining,” Ryan said. I don’t think he has the energy. You see it almost daily. And I love the guy.”

  • Save babies not kill them says:

    Biden is clearly going senile. He proves it every day

  • Sue says:

    Things may seem all is ok with good ole joe, but believe me President Trump will be looking for facts, real facts and President’s mind is dang sharp. He will chew Biden up and spit him out and he won’t know what hit him. Not one candidate should be dealt with Kidd gloves. They’re applying for the best and hardest job in the world. The Leader of The United States of America.Who went easy on Trump because he was older? No one that who. You gotta pay to play. Joe is either going to break down or he’ll stumble his way through. It’s going to get really nasty and for once I hope President Trump isn’t part of it. Trump in 2020!

  • CF