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​Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden continued to make embarrassing misstatements while on the campaign trail on Saturday as he seemed to not know where he was.

Biden, while speaking in Keene, New Hampshire, said: “I’ve been here a number of times … I love this place. Look, what’s not to like about Vermont in terms of the beauty of it?”


Biden’s remarks led critics to make comments that seemed to point in the direction of Biden’s health.

Buck Sexton tweeted: “Serious question, America: when was the last time you forgot what state you were in? Exactly.”

Stephen Miller tweeted: “@VisitingAngelsM Come get Grandpa please.”

Waleed Shahid tweeted: “Folks”

Erick Fernandez tweeted: “All these gaffes are genuinely alarming signs about Joe Biden’s cognitive state.”

Ryan Songalia tweeted: “Time for the manager to make a visit to the mound”

Biden’s latest misstatement comes after he other embarrassing remarks this week while in New Hampshire.

On Friday, Biden said: “If you’re not satisfied, you have another option, high-quality options. The public option will be available in my plan.”

“We’ll make sure it’s not quality,” Biden continued. “We’ll make sure it’s only affordable, quality that’s affordable.”

Moments later, Biden added, “And for folks in the working class … they will, in fact, will increase their premiums, excuse me, the will increase the generosity of the premium tax credit they now get.”

Also this week, Biden did not know what decade civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated as he then proceeded to question the role the women have had in political activism.

Last week, Biden claimed that he was Vice President when the Parkland tragedy happened in February 2018, which was over a full year after he left the Obama White House.

Those remarks by Biden came after he made the following embarrassing statements in Iowa the week prior:

  • Referring to Theresa May as “Margaret Thatcher.”
  • Claiming about the Democrat Party: “We choose truth over facts.”
  • Saying: “Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.”
  • Tommy Ryan says:

    That idiot was probably looking for Bernie “Bernout” Sanders “support” & “Canadian votes”, too…sheesh…

    I’m a born and raised NH native.
    Unfortunately I had to leave my beloved “Granite State” for business reasons & have watched the prog-soci libtards destroy my beloved “Granite State” from afar.
    Watching that polititard as “democratic frontrunner” is reminiscent of Walter Mondale in 1984. I’m hoping to see a repeat landslide election in favor of Donald Trump in 2020.

    Joe Biden…Whatta douchebag.

  • William says:

    Let’s just hope and pray that “Creepy Joe the Pedo” gets the Demoncrap Nomination!!! Hell, TRUMP will win the debates with-out even showing up, or if he does go, all he needs to do is stand there quietly and let “Creepy Joe” talk on and on and on and on and on, etc. WIN is guaranteed!!!

  • Steve Fye says:

    Hell, Obama thought he had visited 57 states while he was on the campaign trail. Democrats don’t care how stupid their candidates are, they just want Trump out. Cutting off their noses to spite their faces. To them Trump Derangement Syndrome takes priority over good policies and honesty.

  • LST says:

    If sleepy creepy Uncle Joe is nominated, the debates will be a hell of a lot of fun to watch, make sure you have the popcorn ready. Sit back, and enjoy the show.

  • RSW says:

    People think Trump is mentally/psychologically messed up? Democrat’s better convince this idiot to go back to Delaware or wherever he thinks he’s from. It is disturbing to even watch him on TV. He OBVIOUSLY has problems that will not serve our country well.

  • Boyd says:

    And if Trump did this……

  • CF