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In this video footage is seen the former First Lady of Arkansas, former US First Lady, former Senator of New York, former Secretary of State, and two-time loser as a Presidential candidate. From this footage, it appears that Hillary R. Clinton is unaware that she is not currently on any ballot for any office, and neither is her husband, former President Bill J. Clinton, who sits in the background behind his wife and watches quietly as she goes into a bizarre rant about “The Russians”.

Circulating on social media is video footage of the the Clintons, sitting in what appears to be their home, having what appears to be off the record conversation about President Donald J. Trump, his administration and the 2016 campaign, which she lost.

Hillary Clinton appears to be agitated, emotional and frustrated, wild eyed and very dramatic while Bill Clinton looks on, bewildered at some points, closing his eyes at another point, silently watching.

It appears we have a somewhat off the record glimpse of the candid side of Hillary Clinton in a mild rage. Rage over the successes of Trump, we can gather from the statements Hillary is making, as if she has a personal stake in the 2020 election.

While the Trump administration has come out saying that their concerns are far great about China than Russia, Hillary appears to be trying to redirect people to back to “The Russians”, even after numerous failed hoaxes meant to frame Trump, his campaign and his administration and his supporters as being cooperative with the Russians to overthrow America.

Even after an Impeachment, meant to discredit him, Trump is soaring in the polls, has made great gains with Black voters and is strongly supported still by the voters who carried him to victory in 2016.

Numerous friends of Hillary’s have humiliated themselves, insisting that her claims of the “The Russians” be investigated, while absolutely nothing has resulted in the numerous massive investigations.

The short 20 second footage came from a longer conversation with far-left radical correspondent April Ryan, who often battles with Trump at his press conferences.

In the 20 second humiliating rant, where someone else is coughing loudly, Hillary talks about the Russians again and spreads disinformation to Ryan’s audience about Intel briefings between the Joe Biden Campaign and Director of Intelligence.

“And these people will stop at nothing and yes, the Russians helped them last time, and the Russians are helping them now, and you covered the White House, you know, (chest cough is heard in the background- Hillary does not stop ranting), the White House has said-don’t brief Congress- don’t even tell them in classified settings, what the Russians are doing this time,” she said.


  • Dan Calabrese says:

    This is one sick bitch.

  • M says:

    This coming from someone who hacked Bernie Sanders’ campaign for the nomination in ’16.

  • CF