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On Monday, Bill O’Reilly unloaded on NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell after a weekend of massive disrespect for our country.

While being interviewed on SiriusXM’s The Wilkow Majority, O’Reilly claimed that Goodell and the NFL league office refused to let the New York Giants wear a patch commemorating 9/11 on their sleeves.

To be fair, O’Reilly seems to be mistaken. Roger Goodell didn’t become the NFL commissioner until 2006. However, his premise is true because the league absolutely did not let the Dallas Cowboy players honor the 5 fallen police officers that were shot and killed by a Black Lives Matter activist.

Anyways, O’Reilly flat out called Roger a COWARD for capitulating to the left.

Watch below:

“Well, where are you now Roger?” O’Reilly said. “You know where you are? You’re a coward! You’re a coward. Because you know there’s a well-organized mob coming at you saying ‘this is about First Amendment rights’ and you won’t put it into perspective.”

As always, Bill is 100% correct.

The NFL won’t let the Cowboys make “political” statements by supporting the Dallas police, but he’ll let these whiny brats crap all over our American flag? Disgusting.

  • Mike says:

    For those who haven’t heard The Wilkow Majority or don’t have the patriot channel on sirius/xm, Andrew Wilkow has an excellent show. David Webb is on before him, he’s also a top notch conservative host. Both are worth checking out!

  • Tina wertz says:

    Roger Goodell NFL fans are not your employees and you do not sign our checks in-fact you and the spoiled over played brats live the greedy life in part by our tax dollars!

    NFL players that refuse to stand for America’s National Anthem are not the poster boys for role models but instead are over paid inflated ego temper tantrum millioniries!

    Goodell you are a double standard hypocrite who is creating the ground for bigger problems. Your hypocrisy is disturbing. At one point you deny freedom of speech to the players who wanted to honor victims of breast cancer or their rights to honor 911 victims and let’s not forget the NY JET who was fined for his freedom of speech. NFL players walk a fine line so please end your inconsistencies parade of crap with your freedom of speech bull-shit!

    All you are doing is promoting “CHAOS” and at one point you need to decide this crap of racists is not the problem, and bad police is not the problem, the problem is MAFIA government destroying America! Until you recognize the reality of the problem all you’re doing is helping perpetuate this corrupt government and masking serious issues!

    You and your players should stand for innocent Americans and kneeling is not the solution. Meanwhile while over played brats are busy taking a knee while we have very real organizations supporting Democratic socialists who use Americans tax dollars to provide very real services and legal aid to illegals connected to drug smuggling in our very own nation. In addition our own federal Judges using our laws against us to implant in Sharia Law.

    But really why should you care, after all our tax dollars fund police escorts for NFL, yes, the same police you clowns kneeling against. In addition our tax dollars used for your fancy sports arenas and long dirty laundry list of unnecessary list of wasted tax dollars!

    Tax dollars should be used on real issues and top dollar sports arenas is not an issue Americans should be burden with.

    Brave men and women fought for you and your players and many of them paid with their own blood and sadly their own lives. Stand for these brave strangers, otherwise you’re allowing their scarices to be forgotten.

    Furthermore if you and your players are considered with bad police issues or racism it’s mind blogging why you’re blind to the depth of corruption involved within your government!

    When America sports players were penalized or even fired for drug enhanced or down right cheating, fans did not hurt the good players by boycotting the entire team. So what message on you actually sending by disrespecting the brave men and women who gave up their freedom so you can have yours?

    You want to take a stand do it at half-time or at the end of the game but why AMERICA’S NATIONAL ANTHEM? Especially when you’re not getting the results of a better AMERICA!

    What the hell is wrong with you? This crap isn’t a freedom of speech movement it’s a stand that further divide Americans and you damn well know it! If you really cared about freedom of speech why were so many players denied their rights to express their personal agendas?

    No one is denying players freedom of speech there’s a time and place and our pledge is not the place or time to express freedom of speech movement!

    Trump had more a right to express his views because when you use public places to stand your ground you open yourselves up to public debate and/or cpmments.

    You or your players are not hero’s you play ball for massive profits. The real hero’s on 6 feet in the ground, the very ground you use to mock them. The real hero’s are struggling in deep pain without medical care, the same medical care that allows you unlimited access to the best medical centers. The real hero’s are rolling around in a low end lousy few dollars wheel chair, while your players are running down a top dollar field catching several millions dollars. So save your freedom of speech for idiots willing to buy the crap you selling.

    Last but most important tax payers need to vote ending funding NFL with tax dollars, especially if their message is that they disagree with America traditions, so please don’t agree with American tax dollars funding anything for NFL!

    You know that’s called, “HYPOCRITICAL!”

  • Gerald McCarney says:

    Dear Taya Kyle, I a Vietnam Veteran and was Very Moved by Your Letter to the NFL. I am Mad as Hell with the NFL because My Youngest son at 17 is now in Army Boot Camp. You show Grace and kindness under Presser and if anyone should be Mad it should be you. I made a Video of your letter for my “Son”. If you want me to remove it I will gladly do so.. Thank You

  • CF