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WATCH – Black Reporter Goes Off-Script, Drops TRUTH Bomb About Chicago Hate Crime



Journalist James T. Harris is not a fan of double-standards or political correctness, so he had plenty to say about the disabled Trump supporter who was tortured in a live video.

“If a group of white suburbanites drove into the inner city of Chicago, kidnapped a black individual, drove back to the suburbs, tied him up, tortured him, cut him, forced him to drink from a toilet, forced him to denounce Barack Obama, forced him to denounce black people, and then they released him back to his old neighborhood, and they videoed the whole thing on Facebook live, all hell would break loose,” James T. Harris said in a now viral Facebook post.

Harris was right. We all know he was right, but the mainstream media pundits still insist no double standard in their coverage exists.

It took TWO days for Chicago police officials and the press to deem the torture of the disabled white Trump supporter exactly what is obviously was – a hate crime. Within minutes of a police involved shooting involving a young black man, the media and the Justice Department are alleging a hate crime may have occurred – sans any supporting facts.

“There would be rioting on the scale that would make Ferguson and Baltimore look ridiculous,” Harris continued. Of course there would be rioting, with hordes of reporters converging on the scene to cover every single minute of it.

Jumping to conclusions is not an acceptable practice for politicians and journalists – unless the crime in question does not suit their liberal narrative. Once the mainstream media did finally cover the Chicago hate crime against the disabled teenager accurately, they bent over backwards to downplay the racial and political aspect of the torture.

The pundits also focused the bulk of their coverage not on the victim but on making excuses for his four attackers. The ages of attackers, three were 18 and one was 24, were a particular point of concern for the liberal elites.

Apparently, whatever you do or say when you are legally an adult but still youthful really shouldn’t count. Surely all the 18 to 24-year-olds sitting in prison for a myriad of other crimes would like to get the do-over liberals and the press seem to want to grant the four torturers here.

Discussion of why the four black suspects chose to torture a disabled white victim allowed the liberal reporters and their guests to lament the influence of social media on millennials and to even begin to ponder whether or not poor parenting may have played a role in the level of cruelty present in the disabled teen’s attackers.

Not taking responsibility for one’s actions and instead casting blame on society and poverty is a favorite pastime of the elites. President Barack Obama said as much when finally commenting on the Facebook torture video.

Obama denied that racial relations have gotten worse during his tenure in the White House. He said such angst over skin color always existed, but the invention of smart phones and social media only now allows such acts to be shared in real time with the public. Um, Mr. President, smart phones and social media existed BEFORE you took the oath of office!

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Source: Angrypatriotmovement

  • When this happens again black or white, for example the latest incident and it can be proved as a hate crime against any race the whole race should be punished. Hit them hard where it counts. If one looks at the latest incident of 4 blacks that attack, kidnapped, and made racist comments against whites and the President, each and every black citizen should be fined a $ 100.00 and this money paid to the victim of such a racial abuse. Lett this case be the first one and hope that Trump would concider this. This will make people think twice black or white before they start any racial activity. Ja sure there are a big majority of citizens white or black that are not racist. It is however up to them to play a major role in routing out racism.

  • Lori Burns says:

    You, my friend, are exactly right. Pure evil in the four individuals.

  • John Velisek USN (Ret.) says:


    http://intellectual and preference

    I agree compeltely, what can I as a white person do to help?

  • Joellen says:

    Amen time to put and end to the evil of thinking it’s ok to do this to anyone.Its a very sick ideology that does not see the true devil within.And for all that doesn’t see that.Then you have no hope of being considered a just cause.You are the very thing that stops anyone helping you.You made your cause a useless piece of nothing your not attacked for nothing.Your not mistreated by police you are what they are suppose to arrest and take down for your violence.Against citizens against police you just showed your true colors.Its not about anything except the mayhem you want to cause for money from Soro obama killary and anybody you can make a dollar off of.So time to take you out as a legitimate cause you just showed us what this is truly about now we have to end being held hostage by you.To true people that are being victimized lock and load and stand strong.

  • I agree with you,pure evil ,all the way

  • Annette says:

    James T Harris, Thank you for your honesty, hopefully, your video will reach the right citizen to make a change

  • CF