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WATCH – CNN Says ‘Whites Only’ In Trump Cabinet, So NFL Legend Jim Brown DESTROYED Them



The media are chomping at the bit to criticize Trump’s cabinet appointments, and they are still race baiting by criticizing Trump for not having enough minorities in his cabinet.

In a recent CNN interview, NFL legend Jim Brown shut down the liberal media’s attempts to criticize Trump’s cabinet by saying, “When I come out of the box, I don’t come out of the box as racial. I look for good people and people that will be like-minded and help me try to do good for other human beings.”

This is the perfect example of the liberal media having to eat their words when they pose the question to someone they think will make an issue out of race but takes it in a completely different direction.

This NFL star is following Martin Luther King Jr’s dream to live in a colorblind society. The left has been destroyed in this election, and they think that all they have to do to regain popularity is call Trump a racist. They still do not understand that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have broken Americans’ trust in virtually every way possible.

Brown’s response was just beautiful. He says that when he looks at people, he looks for good people. It does not matter what race they are.

This is the same thing that Trump is doing. He is looking for people who have backgrounds of excellence in their area of expertise. He does not look at his cabinet as the opportunity to fill some left-wing race quota.

The media should be following Joe Brown’s advice and going through each and every cabinet appointment that Trump has made and ask themselves: is this a good person? Is this someone who has the skills necessary to help America be better?

The problem is that the left has carved out its political needs to be the elected representatives of minorities. To facilitate that narrative, they always have to accuse the other side of not supporting minorities even when we clearly are.

What does it matter what race the members of Donald Trump’s cabinet are if they grow the economy and provide many new jobs for middle-class Americans? The truth is he has put minorities and women in his administration, but the liberal media think it is still not enough.

You would think the left-wing media had learned their lesson about this type of behavior after basically assisting Hillary Clinton to a devastating loss. Sadly, with this type of slanted coverage, it does not look like they have.

What they don’t realize is that the American people are smarter than they’re given credit for. We are not going to tolerate this type of race baiting and divisive propaganda anymore. Americans want to come together to make this country great again so that everyone has a job, has health care, and lives in safety.

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Source: Angrypatriotmovement

  • Jeff Sweat says:

    Thank you Jim, one of the Greatest football players of all time, and some good movie’s also.
    I feel the same way as you do.
    Their is good an bad in every one, every culture, every society.
    God bless you Big Jim

  • Vicki Tanner says:

    I am so sick of being politically correct, ethically correct, and puke when I think how close we came to giving up using our LORDS name in normal conversations!!

    MEDIA QUIT TRYING TO STIR UP RACE ISSUES!!! It is not race driven!!!!!!!! He picked the BEST QUALIFIED PEOPLE!!! Geeze!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  • Sabrina says:

    Smart Man..its not black and white..its good and evil..I don’t see black and white..I see good people and evil people

  • Orpheus says:

    Who cares who is in the cabinet as long as they do a good job? It does not mean Trump is a racist. If such a thing happen in South African Cabinet it is questionable.Promoting drugs among black youth to raise funds to arm foreign rebels were racist acts that took place for sometime. If all white cabinet provide equal facilities, opportunities and employment to people in Gatos and Projects and see that police don’t discriminate them, that is what black mothers would like to see. Obama became the President for two periods. What good did he do to black community? Martine Luther King was not fighting to put a black man in the Cabinet or to make one a President. He wanted human rights for African Americans who worked hard to enrich America for 200 odd years, to get them a decent life.

  • CF