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Democrat Rep. Cedric Richmond (LA) was accused of watching the President’s Cup golf tournament during the Democrats’ impeaching hearing on Thursday night in the House Judiciary Committee.

The incident, noticed by GOP Rapid Response Director Steve Guest, appears to show Richmond not taking the Democrats’ impeachment hearing seriously as he was clearly focused on the golf tournament.

Guest tweeted out a video showing Richmond watching golf, adding, “What on earth is Democrat Rep. Cedric Richmond watching on his laptop during this impeachment markup? To me, it looks like Rep. Richmond is watching the President’s Cup golf tournament. Richmond’s actions are a DISGRACE.”

In the video posted by Guest, Richmond can be seen at the bottom of the screen, right above CNN’s “BREAKING NEWS’ chyron, wearing a light gray suit.

In a second tweet, Guest zoomed in and the video clearly shows, although blurry, that Richmond was watching golf.


Steve Guest on Twitter

Professional golfer Bob Estes appeared to recognize the footage, writing on Twitter: “Even though he’s a Democrat, I’m gonna give Rep. Richmond a pass on this one. #PresidentsCup”

Bob Estes on Twitter

Prior to being caught watching golf, Richmond, “We have an emergency to national election going on right now.”

“Our oath to the Constitution requires us to take this drastic, solemn, and regrettable step, but it is necessary because if we don’t protect America’s precious right to vote, it is clear that the other side won’t,” Richmond continued.

“Today I’m reminded of Judas because Judas for 30 pieces of silver betrayed Jesus. For 30 positive tweets for easy re-election, the other side is willing to betray the American people their precious right to vote and the future of our great country.”

  • Hobbygirl says:

    How is this any different than a federal employee searching on Amazon while on the clock?

  • Bob Plumlee says:

    Worthless pavement ape !

  • LST says:

    It is a step up on what I’d have been doing; napping! At least he was awake.

  • JerryV says:

    He doesn’t need to pay attention, his mind was made up before all of this started.

  • CF