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Ranking member Doug Collins marched out of Thursday’s House Judiciary Committee markup of the articles of impeachment raised against President Donald Trump, only to reappear on the dais fifteen minutes later.

The Georgia Republican threw down his notes and stormed off around 4:41 pm ET, nearly 7 hours into the hearing.

“Y’all have anymore you want to put in[to the record], keep going,” Collins said on his way out the door. “It is not going to get you anywhere.”

Chairman Jerry Nadler stared in disbelief at Collins as he exited the room.


Collins appeared back on the dais at 4:56 pm ET to additionally criticize the impeachment inquiry.

“What you just said is completely true that this will never end,” said in response to a point from North Dakota Republican Rep. Kelly Armstrong.

“Do you know why we know that? Adam Schiff’s own words and Al Green’s own words. Adam Schiff even the other day, giving one of his press conferences, which he loves dearly. He loves to testify in front of cameras, just not in front of members where he has to actually answer questions. And he said we’re going to keep at it, no matter what happens, we’re going to keep investigating, investigating, investigating, investigating.”


  • SoftballUmpire says:

    Absolutely true, as long as the inept democrats hold this majority; they have nothing else with which to occupy their time. Their hatred of YAHWEH for having metaphorically perpetrated a coitus interuptis in their plans to convert this nation initiated by Obama. This is a freedom loving capitalist nation, not the Socialist nation Obama wished to create on his path to become Secretary G YAHWEH chose Trump to preserve eneral of the U.N.

  • William says:

    The whole world is watching the Demonrats make complete fools of themselves at the same time they’re inadvertently making America look foolish to the rest of the world!! Keep going like this and America will be the laughing stock of the world and lose all respect!! The Republicans need to shut these Demonrats down and make them work for the people instead of their own pockets!! TRUMPS closing the “free-ride” for you POS, and you hate him for it!! Well, get the hell out of government then if you can’t MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sesa says:

    I look forward to Collins being the Chairman, when the Republicans take back the House.

    • Wilson says:

      Good luck getting the gavel away from Miss Piggy, this is the closest she has ever come in her life to having something long and hard in her hands. Not counting humping Nadler leg under his desk during the hearings.

  • Wilson says:

    Can I clam little Shitt on my tax return as the kid he is so can get some of my money back from this farce?

  • Stephen Russell says:

    Yeah end this BS bit Dems fraying the whole nation both sides or for sure our side with these games

  • Carl says:

    The sick democrats have nothing but lies and accusations. We all know it. The thing that really pisses me off is all the money the democrats are wasting that could be used for something worth while like infrastructure, which is badly needed.

  • CF