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The NBA promised a social justice message when they restarted their season, and they delivered. On Thursday night, every player and coach for the Jazz and Pelicans took a knee during the national anthem.

In addition, every player wore a Black Lives Matter shirt.


The NBA also endorsed the players’ protest by tweeting out video of the demonstration from the league’s official account.

Nearly every player wore a social justice message on their jerseys where their names usually go. Some messages read, “Freedom,” some said “Equality.”

“Black Lives Matter” was emblazoned at the top of the court, directly above the NBA logo.

Major League Baseball, America’s heretofore least politically active major sports league, held protests at the beginning of each game on Opening Day. The NFL is also expected to have protests when their season resumes in September.

  • rebecca says:

    somebody needs to tell NBA that Chinese Lives Matter too and they should stop bending over for the Communist regime, putting money over Chinese human rights

  • Mike says:

    The spelling is wrong on the shirts and the floor. It should read Black Crimes Matter. They should just change the name of the outfit to “Nigger Ball” and be done with it.

  • mike says:

    You know what would be interesting? The NFL has stated it will play the black national anthem prior to each week 1 game. What if a JJ Watt etal were to take a knee protesting the playing of, and honoring of, a song not our anthem. What would happen? What would be said? Clearly anyone who objects would be a hyporcrite. I would pay to see it but we have thicker skin and could care less to start controversies….Right?

  • Dario Rizzitello says:

    basketball has been crap the lasty 20 years screw tham and there racist league wher are all the white and hispanic guys

  • Adam Selene says:

    Just another sport that went political. I refuse to watch people disrespect my country and my ccountry’s flag. Screw them all !!! I will watch ZERO NBA activities in the future !!!

  • carrie says:

    They will get more money than ever from China. That has always been their plan.

  • CF