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“I’m just a father of two children that’s very frightened of their future.”

As police attempt to remove #ExtinctionRebellion activists, one protestor bursts into tears while chained to a car.

Watch as an “Extinction Rebellion” eco-protester dissolves into tears over his children’s future”

Partial transcript:

PROTESTERS: “Extinction! Extinction! Extinction! Rebellion! Rebellion!”



REPORTER: “What’s your name?”

PROTESTER: “I’m just a father of two children that’s very frightened of their future.”

REPORTER: “How old are your children?”

PROTESTER: “They’re 10 months and four years.”

REPORTER: “Are you okay?”


REPORTER: “Can we see a picture? Those are your children?”

PROTESTER: “Yeah. (Crying)”

  • Mike says:

    Let him stay chained to the car just start up and drive.

  • Conch 45 says:

    This crybaby needs to have a hormone test cause his testosterone levels are non existent and his estrogen is way to high. Is he sure those kids are really his? He should get them dna tested cause I don’t think this guy can impregnate a squirrel.

  • Mickey says:

    Drama Queen! Then he drives home in his SUV and enjoys his well heated home and eats the cleanest most holsum food on the face of the earth. What a hypocrite!! If he was worried about climate change,why did he bring children into this crappy world??

    • Sharon M says:

      He could have aborted his kids. I am sure he does not have any tears for the millions of innocent babies killed from abortion!

  • Randy says:

    Tase him and give the snowflake something to cry about!

  • Hillbilly says:

    I didn’t see any tears. Another eco-fraud. The video of Russians discussing Greta was amazing. They actually said the political climate pedophiles using her. Find it on YouTube. Awesome video

  • CF