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WATCH – FBI Director Asked Whether Obama Knew About Trump Tower Wiretaps, His Response is STUNNING



Everyone has been sitting on pins and needles today waiting to see what James Comey was going to say about Trump, the Russians, and the Obama wiretapping scandal.

Only moments ago, FBI Director Comey completely sidestepped the question, as I expected he would do, and he literally refused to say whether the FBI was in fact monitoring Trump and if Obama actually knew about it…

However, even with his end-run, it is pretty clear he is once again covering for Dems and Obama in particular. By refusing to answer the question, he basically proved Trump was and still is under surveillance by our intelligence communities.

Comey has fine-tuned his ability to be a politician over the last few months by using a lot of words and eating up minutes of time without actually saying anything relevant to the questions.

This was a simple yes or no question, period, and should have been answered as such.

Instead of being truthful, Comey once again circumvented the actual facts and sounded like he was literally trying to wear us out rather than tell the American people what is going on inside of our intelligence communities.

There is little doubt in my mind that if Obama and company were innocent of spying on Trump, Comey would have come right out and said so. Instead, he is continuing his witch hunt to try to justify the disgusting actions of former President Barack H. Obama against our sitting president.

Director Comey proved during the Hillary investigation that he is incapable of running the FBI effectively, and now it is time for Trump to remove him from office and replace him with someone who is actually interested in dispensing justice.

The bottom line here is that Trump has been right about the wiretapping from day one, and Comey knows it — he is just trying to figure how to cover Obama’s tracks and protect him from the justice We the People demand.

As far as I am concerned, every move Comey makes at this point proves he is yet another member of Obama’s shadow government and part of the DC Swamp that is in dire need of a complete draining.

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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  • Stella Langreder says:

    What about also investigating any involvement by Soros or Democrats with our election.

  • Cathy says:

    Comey is a damned Democrat and needs to be ousted! Who the hell cares if Russia disclosed any important information for the public in America to consider, especially if it’s true! Like all the FACTUAL terrible corrupt BS that got exposed on Hitlary! We made our decision for Trump not based on anything Russia could have possibly disclosed. Mr. Trump won fair and square and you Lib-yards should just get over it!

  • CF