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A feminist protest against gender violence descended into chaos as groups of protesters attacked two journalists.

A female news reporter was pelted with missiles and shoved by female protesters and a male anchor was knocked unconscious live on air from a horrific punch whilst reporting on the march in Mexico City.

Shocking footage shows Juan Manuel, a reporter from the ADN 40 network, nervously speaking to the camera as two women yell at him.

One woman appears to throw something in his direction.

Juan says: “[The protesters] are throwing things at people who are trying to help them through different ways, the media.”

One woman, holding the hand of a young girl, shouts into the reporter’s microphone: “Yo si te creo,” which roughly translates to “I believe you.”

Juan can be heard saying in Spanish: “The whole world believes women, the whole world believes [these] women.”

Then he then tells his camera operator: “Right now they are very angry. I’m going to move to a different location.”

At this point, a man wearing a baseball cap and a white shirt sidles up beside the reporter, before landing a brutal punch to the side of his jaw.

None of the protesters try to stop the attacker as he calmly walks away and Juan’s colleagues rush to help him as he lays unconscious on the floor.


  • Beto says:

    So there are assholes in Mexico too? 😉

  • Tim Woolsey says:

    Anyone who will sucker punch another person is a fucking coward! No gonads to stand in front of someone and fight face to face. Then the way this fucking pussy coward walks off is absolutely sick. Someone needs to put a hit out on this wetback coward!

  • cas says:

    WTF? Where’s the cartel when you need them. Sounds like they’ve started a whole Metoo movement down there, “Yo si te creo” basically translate to I believe you, I’m assuming leading to I believe all women. He did say that civil people don’t act that way and right now some women chose to not behave civil and they are very angry and should not be acting like that towards the media or people who are supporting them from a different view, but I do love he said, Right now the women are very angry. Then gets sucker punched? Come on. I never thought that the dumb idiocy that is happening here would go there, Usually they are more strict with things like that.

  • CF