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Campus Reform’s Cabot Phillips visited Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., recently to confirm polling that indicates a large swath of young Americans are declaring that the United States isn’t the greatest country on Earth.

As you might expect, when Phillips quizzed a number of students, their answers reflected Pew Research Center’s findings that 36 percent of Americans age 18 to 29 believe other countries are better than their own.

“It’s awful,” one student said of the U.S. because of “racism.” She added that “America’s not great, and we treat immigrants like s**t” by “trying to stop them from getting jobs” and “trying to deport families.”

“It’s not the greatest country in the world,” another student said.

A senior invoked President Donald Trump’s administration as part of the problem, the outlet noted, adding that she said another issue is “the history of America thinking that we’re the best and so we kind of give ourselves the liberty to do whatever we want.”

One student at the elite college pointed out that “countries like Paris” — yes, Paris — “and other European countries” are greater because they’re helping with “climate problems.”

Some students couldn’t or wouldn’t name another country that’s greater than America — but some weighed in with specific spots. (Hey, at least they named actual countries.)

One cited Norway and Finland because of the “happiness” factor in those two nations.

And the woman who called America “awful” early in the clip? She said she’d rather reside in “the ocean.” Got it.

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  • Frederick says:

    This is an old guy reality check. I am 76 years old and have worked for the federal government is various positions for over 50 years. Your government has deployed me to over 30 countries to try to help them improve various conditions that the native population live with. Notice I did not say ALL the population because the selected few in these countries always live far better then 99% of the others. Look around you and you should, I hope, notice that even the worst politicians in American have to answer to the people. This is not true in the countries I have worked and lived in. America is the best country in the world because the people have free elections and politicians answer to the people. Stupid beliefs like those expressed by these “so called” elite college students will be the downfall of our country. Also notice that the one foreign student interviewed said America is the best too. Only one truly American student said America is the best. I would guess that she comes from a working class family whose family has served in our military, much like mine and I have. Life is like playing a slot machine. The only winners are the house and those who can afford to lose. We are in a political and moral battle to save the best country in the world. Our universities are turning out parrots who are to drugged up or lazy to do their due diligences to actually verify the propaganda THAT THESE LIBERAL PROFESSORS ARE FORCE FEEDING THEM. FOR A START, WHO IS GOING TO PAY FOR ALL THE FREE STUFF THE CHUBBY BLACK GIRL WANTS FOR ALL THE ILLEGALS AND OTHERS WHO FEEL ENTITTLED??? AMERICA IS RUNNING OUT OF PEOPLE WHO ARE ACTUALLY WORKING. WORKERS PAY TAXES NOT WELFARE RECIPIENTS.

  • Linda LaShomb says:


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