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Watch What Happened IMMEDIATELY When Donald Trump Got on Private Jet



Donald Trump spent the Thanksgiving holiday at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida. When he was spotted leaving the resort to head home on Sunday, Trump was seen wearing something that now has everyone talking.

Source: Webdaily

  • nancy porter says:

    they discust me so much. what a pathetic bunch of craps. i don’t think i have a bigger nasty word for them. i ran out. i have been a supporter of donald from day one. and god bless him for staying so strong thru all these dirty talks about him. he could have walked away but guess what? he speaks what he means, he is a true leader, does not need this pathetic belittlement they have tried in hopes of taking him down.. yeal your damn right he’s right every time something he said would be happened. so it is time for any one in our country to speak down to our next president. get out then! obama does not give a shit and his whole clan are so evil and right under our noses he was tearing our country a part but no one did anything. still.!!

  • Mary Bundy says:

    He was right!!!!!! Get it straight MEDIA~! PRETTY SICK OF THE MEDIA AND NOT GETTING IT RIGHT!!!!!!!!! I mean, what is wrong with telling the truth!!!!!!!

  • Fiesty says:

    MSNBC! Seriously?

  • CF