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House Judiciary Chairman on Wednesday accused President Donald Trump of being a “dictator” on the Senate floor during his closing arguments.

Nadler, who is a House manager in the Senate trial, said, “He is a dictator. This must not stand, and that is … another reason he (Trump) must be removed from office,” during his closing arguments. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff is the lead manager. The other managers include Nadler, House Democratic Caucus Chairman Hakeem Jeffries, Democratic Colorado Rep. Jason Crow, Democratic Florida Rep. Val Demings, Democratic Texas Rep. Sylvia Garcia, and Democratic California Rep. Zoe Lofgren.

The seven impeachment managers’ roles are very much like the roles of prosecutors, as the members are responsible for presenting the impeachment inquiries to the Senate and making the case as to why Trump should be impeached with the evidence they have gathered.


A group of Republican Senators held a press conference Wednesday afternoon to criticize Democrats for the way they have been handling the impeachment process against Trump.

“If I were the president I wouldn’t cooperate with these guys at all,” Graham said at the press conference. The South Carolina Senator was joined by Montana Sen. Steve Daines, and Indiana Sen. Mike Braun.

The comments come as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made a change to a resolution Tuesday that will lengthen Trump’s impeachment trial in the Senate by at least one day.

The altered resolution will give both sides 24 hours to argue their case over three trial days instead of two as originally planned. Senators would then be given 16 hours for questioning. The schedule would mean a break from the previously scheduled 12-hour days of argument in the Senate. The impeachment trial could be over before Trump’s scheduled State of the Union address, on Feb. 4.

The House of Representatives officially voted Jan. 15 to send the articles of impeachment against Trump to the Senate and approved the House’s impeachment managers.

  • Stephen Russell says:

    Mind B Gone Nadler & such BS from Dems like they know the “answers”.
    Leftists Create problems then try to “solve” them.
    Such BS
    Russia hoax to date a Joke Farce, Game & we lost Millions since 2016 over this to date, I feel the DNC should recoup impeachment costs day 1

  • ed says:

    Can someone please explain to me how the President is a dictator? They call him one, but they never offer proof that he is one. They talk to their feeble minded supporters like they’re children by saying things over and over again–lies–so that they will eventually believe the the words to be true. It’s psychological brainwashing. Do the dems not realize that if he was a true dictator, they would not be able to say ANYTHING or go through this sham of an impeachment trial? If he was a true dictator, they would all be rounded up and jailed for trying to bring him down. The dems have now proven themselves to be liars and corrupt. They can’t be trusted. They should all be taken out of their political positions for wasting taxpayer money on their attempt to oust a duly elected president.

  • Patriot1951 says:

    “‘Trump is a Dictator and He Must be Removed From Office’” And you, Nadler, are a complete idiot and must be removed from office.

  • Borrie says:

    These democrat lunatics have no clue on what a dictator is. The first thing a dictator do is, jail or kill his political opponents. Nadler Schiff and Polosi, thank the creator that He did not allow a democrat dictator “Killary” to become president but He saved your hides and allowed Trump to become President. With a dictator in charge you and the oBummer tribe would have been history by now.

  • Evangeline says:

    Have you noticed that these Dems just call him names but can’t point to a single crime? They call him racist, dictator, a charlatan, an idiot, a fool, etc…. It’s all for dramatics because their supporters are swayed by emotion and not facts. It amounts to sticking their tongues out at him. lol

  • binkyxz3 says:

    Jabba the Nadler.

  • CF