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WATCH: James Comey and Reality Winner Have This Sickening Connection. Lock HIM UP.



James Comey and Reality Winner are two of the biggest names in the media right now. Considering the circumstances surrounding both of them, it is no wonder!

According to FOX News, Comey, the former FBI Director, came forward and admitted that he was leaking classified memos to his friends. Reality Winner, an NSA Contractor, was leaking NSA documents — more than once. The two essentially committed the same exact crime!

The news about Comey came through yesterday when he testified to the Senate Intelligence Committee. Comey stated that he woke up in the middle of the night and felt the urge to share the memos. He then proceeded to contact his friend and gave him information to pass on to the mainstream media.

We are disgusted that Comey would put our national security at risk because he had a midnight urge to share classified information. The claim is that it was labeled “unclassified” by Comey. Realistically, if Trump cited his executive privilege, the information was meant to be classified REGARDLESS.

Reality Winner was caught stealing TOP SECRET information from the NSA while she was working as a contractor, per the New York Times. Winner admitted to stealing the documents and now is sitting in jail.

Why does Comey get to walk if Winner has to do time for her crime? It seems we have a distorted sense of justice at times. If Comey had been just “some guy,” he would have been put in jail IMMEDIATELY.

Instead, he is free to come and go as he pleases, just as long as he comes in and continues to talk to the Senate Intelligence Committee. We are witnessing favoritism at its finest.

Oddly enough, the media is not reporting on Comey needing to be arrested. The MSM is too busy cherry-picking and manipulating things that Comey said, spinning them, and parading them as truth. We have heard all types of crazy stories from the liberal MSM the past two days.

Many of the networks are saying that Trump pointed his finger at Comey and said that he asked him to do favors. We watched the tape, and if you watch it, you will see that this is not the case. We are in the midst of the next batch of lies coming out to keep you occupied from BIG stories; from REAL stories, like why  Comey isn’t on his way to prison!

He can “explain” what happened ALL he wants, and to as many people as he wants. The simple fact of the matter is this. He broke the law, he KNOWS he broke the law, and he ADMITTED to breaking the law. So what is the problem? We have people like Winner who are going to do some hard time in jail due to leaking and then there is Comey who is likely going to walk away.

We need to let the media know that we SEE their cover-up in the works. It might work for other people, but it will never work for us.

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  • […] post WATCH: James Comey and Reality Winner Have This Sickening Connection. Lock HIM UP. appeared first on Conservative […]

  • Margit Zoechling says:

    He must not fear about his reputation. He has a worse. He is may be fearing about his life because certain people are watching the hearings.

  • Dinah says:

    Call me it’s nothing but a low life lying scumbag how he got in the position that he got just blows my mind some of his comments gut feeling as a director it’s quite obvious if he had nothing to hide he did not have to make memos to begin with but then to forward those memos to get to the news of false lying information is appalling. A 6 foot 4 male afraid to be alone with the president I don’t think so he certainly wasn’t afraid to be alone with Obama the biggest corrupt male in history of the government and he knew it.

  • Vera says:

    Corruption at its best or lowest,so sick and tired of it all.The People have spoken in electing Trump.Get out of his way an d let him do what we the people want him to do!!!!!!

  • CF