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WATCH: Jesse Watters Says ‘ENOUGH,’ Rises Up To Reveal TRUTH About Political Correctness



Jesse Watters is known for speaking the TRUTH. In this case, he hits the nail directly on the head.

Watters recently said during an interview on Fox News that “When it comes to offensive speech, it seems like liberals don’t really care what is said. It only matters who said it.” Truer words have never been spoken.

The Left has NO problem attacking someone on the Right when they say something that is offensive. However, if you hold liberal values, you can say or do whatever you want — there are no consequences. We have witnessed this type of behavior TWICE in the past week alone.

There has to be a line, and all people need to be held accountable for that line. If you are going to pick and choose who can say what, you have no right to decide anything in our society. Your opinion is invalid, and you need just to stop.

First, this past week, we had the incident with Kathy Griffin holding up a severed head that was meant to represent President Trump. She scared poor Barron and caused havoc throughout the political world.

The people on the RIGHT were outraged, but the Left didn’t have much to say. In fact, they even PRAISED her in some instances for being so brave. We call her actions COWARDLY, not brave.

Griffin came out and pathetically gave a half-apology, half-sob story, once she realized she couldn’t just sleep this one off. Once she was held accountable, she whined about it and said that Trump “broke her”! Seriously?

The other incident involved Bill Maher claiming to be a “House n*****” while interviewing Senator Ben Sasse on Real Time. Terrible. And could you IMAGINE if someone on the Right said something like that?

Left-wing media and personalities let Bill off the hook. In most cases, they didn’t even bother to address it. In this sense, we can see EXACTLY what Jesse Watters was talking about during his interview. The Left does not care WHAT is said, only who said it. The liberals who did respond gave responses like, “LOOK AT THE RIGHT BEING SNOWFlAKES NOW!”

No. We are angry because there is NO set standard. People can get away with whatever they want as long as they claim to hold a particular pillar of beliefs. We want people to be responsible for their actions. Consistency is key, and liberals just don’t understand. It isn’t about who said what, it should be about the content of what was said.

We are going to stand up to the Left at every given chance from this point forward, as we have been doing for a while now. If liberals cannot be accountable for their actions, pretty soon their opinions are going to mean less than nothing. Political ideology has no bearing on the words that come out of your mouth. If they want to play this game with us, they are going to lose. It is time to step up and show some consistency.

Where do YOU stand on this issue? Should the Left be held just as accountable for their words and actions? Share this story on Facebook and let us know because we want to hear YOUR voice!


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