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WATCH: Marine’s Rant About White People Is Making Waves Across The Internet



Black Lives Matter has conveniently fallen out of favor with Democrat politicians, and they have no reason to fund the divisive movement any longer.

A former U.S. Marine released a video condemning the Black Lives Matter movement, claiming that they need to accept that all lives matter. Former active duty Marine, Michael Whaley, condemns Black Lives Matters for not taking responsibility for their actions.

The video has received considerable attention across social media with many praising Whaley for speaking the truth about the black experience in America. But not everyone is happy.

“The reason I don’t have a lot of black supporters is because black people cannot accept the truth about themselves,” explains Whaley.

This has nothing to do with black people specifically and everything to do with Left-wing ideology. The Left can garner followers because they tell them what they like to hear.

Lazy Democrats reassure themselves that their suffering is not their fault. Everything wrong in a liberal’s life occurs because of other people — usually straight white men.

Straight white men are held up as the ultimate scapegoat and are responsible for the poor life choices of every feminist, progressive activist, and race baiter across the country.

Conservatism, on the other hand, forces people to take responsibility for their actions and their own life choices. For a conservative, if you are dealt a bad hand in life, it just means you have to work twice as hard to overcome the disadvantages.

However, liberals refuse to work hard. It is much easier to deny any responsibility and claim that all of your problems are the result of straight white men. If someone else is doing well, it is not because they worked hard and deserved it, but because they were able to oppress others and rise above them – at least in the demented minds of liberals.

Michael Whaley also accuses Black Lives Matter of milking the history of the slavery of Africans at the beginning of the American experiment despite never living through the suffering.

“Before Y’all start throwing stuff out — do research” encourages the former Marine in a call to unite Americans of all color and creeds. “White people fought for our civil rights also.”

What do you think about this comment below:

  • laura says:

    Truth!!smart young man!!

  • Ashley says:

    All lives matter! And the first comment is brave man…not a perspective that is going to get him support though. Wow!!! I dont think Whaley is purposely doing this for support, but trying to make a statement that we should hold ourselves accountable for our actions, black, white, mexican, indian, and so forth. The world is tough and ignorant. Im proud of him for making a stand and speaking the truth. Too many innocent lives… black and white. Ignorance is our biggest flaw. It makes it harder when people are not held accountable for their actions. Justice is relentlessly unfair sometimes, I get that. But instead of creating a black lives matter movement based upon how unfairly you feel you are treated due to your ethnicity, when in actuality all your doing is segregating your race as an entitlement bc of your color. God created all no matter what color you are. Its the person that makes the difference, not the color of your skin. Its your choices that make an outcome and a standing reminder of what you could have done as opposed to what you did. Too many could haves, and Whaley did.

  • CF