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An anarchist protester in Portland showed off multiple rubber bullet wounds which he claimed happened after he was “peacefully protesting” outside the fenced-off Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse.

The Antifa terrorist claimed he was merely banging on the fence chanting, “Black Lives Matter,” and “All Cops are Bastards,” “literally just standing there,” a cohort describes, when federal agents shot him.

“Shot me six times, peacefully protesting,” the man tells the cameraman.

After giving the BLM thug an opportunity to come clean, the cameraman then asks the man whether he was the person who was attempting to fan the flames of a fire started in front of the courthouse, which he denies, before quickly moving to vacate the area.

The video then cuts to footage of the man, wearing the same shirt and bag, jumping over the fence and fanning the flames.


    He was stoned as a shithouse rat. “peaceful”? My ass. Need to put rock salt in 12 gauge shells instead of OO Buck, that will smart for a while.

  • John says:


  • Diane Rich says:

    You got what you deserved. If you didn’t behave the way you do on the road. And destroy businesses. And business lives and acting like wild animals on the roads. Going to have to innocent people. You wouldn’t of gotten hurt. You got exactly what you asked for. So stop acting like you’re so fucking innocent when you’re not. What a bunch of jack ass you are

  • philip s. warden says:

    As a trained law enforcement they are supposed to shoot to kill .. drunk arsonist in the act of felony arson..

  • Jim Mcgrath says:

    Why waste Rubber Bullets. Is there a lead shortage in Portland.

  • Matt says:

    Use real bullets.

  • CF