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Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz hit the table swinging Thursday as he joined ABC’s “The View,” calling Wednesday night’s debate the “death of the political left.”

Joy Behar introduced Gaetz as one of the biggest supporters of President Donald Trump, saying, “Please welcome a man who has obviously never watched ‘The View,’ Congressman Matt Gaetz. Hello.”

“Thank you for having me. I do watch. You guys make news every week,” Gaetz protested — and immediately brought the fight directly to Behar. “I was just wondering if you were wearing black as a consequence of the death of the political left in the debate last night. It was quite something to observe.”

“Don’t count the dead yet, the bodies,” Behar fired back. “Let’s give it a little time.”

“Joe Biden at least. I was hoping that maybe Whoopi’s bell could wake up the Biden campaign,” Gaetz pressed again.

Behar was quick to defend Biden, saying, “I thought actually he didn’t do any harm to himself last night.”

“What state is he going to win?” Gaetz laughed. “This is a man — the fundamental premise of the Biden campaign is that he’s electable but he can’t seem to win elections. You have socialist Bernie Sanders against billionaire Michael Bloomberg.”

Gaetz went on to point out that Bloomberg used to be a Republican, at which point Behar pointed out that President Donald Trump used to be a Democrat.

“The Democratic Party is likely not going to nominate a Democrat,” Gaetz concluded. “They’re going to nominate a socialist or someone who some time ago was a Republican.”

“Which one do you think can beat the president?” Sunny Hostin cut in.

Gaetz was matter-of-fact in his reply: “None of them.”


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  • Rick says:

    Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz is outstanding. He was in control not the “View”..

  • Carl says:

    Gaetz is right and the View is proof of that, the democratic party is dying.


    Does anyone even watch that show? I catch info from posts on-line. I got better things to do. Grass growing, well maybe not in the winter. Paint peeling, sun shining on our great nation, listen to the birds singing or finish reading my books. Definitely not watching that bitch fest.

  • Dan Calabrese says:

    He ran all over these liberal dummies.

  • CF