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United States Women’s Soccer star player Megan Rapinoe was widely criticized over the weekend after a viral clip showed her autographing a soccer ball for a young fan — yet somehow managing to never make eye-contact with the boy.

Video of the incident, which happened at the ESPYs last week, showed a young boy walk up to Rapinoe with a small soccer ball. He hands the ball to Rapinoe, and she autographs it.

However, she never made eye-contact with the boy, nor acknowledged him. Instead, she signed the ball while talking to others around her. Watch the video below:

By Sunday morning, the 7 second clip had amassed more than 20 million views and generated widespread outrage.

Piers Morgan said Rapinoe’s actions proved she is an “arrogant piece of work.”

David Dunn, a former professional soccer player, said: “The more I see her the more I dislike her ! The kid should have volleyed it back in her grid !”

“The one kid in America who doesn’t think that game sucks and she acts like a stereotypical movie star from an 80s movie in front of him,” another person added.

“She’s vile. That was disgusting there’s people more famous than she will ever be who don’t behave like that. Who is she? I don’t know her full name and not many will, she’s the USA player who won the World Cup,” another critic said.

“The window to the soul is observing how someone treats someone powerless who can do absolutely no good for them. She’s a piece of sh*t. Her actions over the last 3 weeks confirm it. Making eye contact and acknowledgment of a fan costs 0,” another person said.

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  • Dusty says:

    Play sports and stop being political . Not being paid to take the game and make it your place for what you support in politics. Want to do this then get out of the game and run for an office and join the 4 idiots we got to hear today. I played sports my kids did too and it is a way to get away from the everyday garbage we have in our Congress now. Tired and moving away from most sports unless this whole mess ends per athletes thinking they know what I want. STOP!

  • Raymond A Martucci says:

    This snot nose arrogant Captain and her clown girlfriend need to be thrown off the team and go play elsewhere they don’t belong here or play for America. They both including the coach need to go take their high hose and play in North Korea. She’s going around pretending that she won the game when she didn’t even win it someone else won the game. That fan should have gone up to another women on the team for an autograph the captain isn’t even worth it

  • ERIC says:

    How the late great Ronnie James Dio treated his fans is & SHOULD BE the benchmark for how to treat one’s fans! The man was dying of stomach cancer & whilst in the hospital for his treatments, he found out a young fan was at the very same hospital. He told his wife Wendy, ‘we need to gather up some band related memorabilia for this guy’, & he signed it all, & directly brought it all to the young man’s room, & hand delivered it, not an assistant, nor a rec co. guy either! & he sat & talked w/this young man for a good long awhile, & even took some pics w/him too! & I guarantee you he made eye contact & made that dude feel like he was the most important person ever! & BTW, it was NOT a publicity stunt either, no press was there, & he wasn’t even the 1 who told this story, but his wife, Wendy, did on “THAT METAL SHOW” on VH1 Classic, after his death in May 2010. Ronnie was a class act! Unlike this chick!

  • Peter says:

    I would l I’ll ke tense her drop out of sight. She is vile, she is nasty, she has a big mouth, and she is seeking media attraction. She maybe average soccer player but she is one nasty woman. She is disrespectful to the country and fellow team mates and I am sure that bug ass mouth would be good for something else. DT said it best, “Love it or Leave it”

  • CF