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Things got a little heated on “The View.”

On Monday’s show, Meghan McCain and Whoopi Goldberg clashed during a tense discussion about abortion laws in Alabama.

After Goldberg gave her take on some of the state’s law, McCain interjected and asked if she could speak her piece.

“I don’t get to talk? Just wondering if I can say something,” she asked.

“Here’s the deal… I let you all talk and I say nothing,” Goldberg said before announcing a commercial break. “If there’s more to say, if you want to say more, we’ll come back and say more.”

“It’s fine,” McCain responded. When the show returned from a break, the conversation shifted to a new subject.

This isn’t the first time the two have had a heated exchange on the show during conversations about abortion. On Friday, McCain expressed her opposition to “late-term abortion” as a Democratic policy, which Goldberg quickly shut down.

“There is no such thing as a late-term abortion,” Goldberg said to cheers from the audience. “You cannot do abortions after a certain amount of time unless there is some sort of danger.”

McCain also frequently spars with 76-year-old host Joy Behar, as she did back in April.

“Part of your job is to listen to me,” McCain said, as the two spoke over each other. Goldberg again stepped in at that time, telling the hosts that everyone would get their chance to speak.


  • Mary says:

    They’re all a bunch of Old Crazies.

  • John Bowan says:

    The View is still on the air?

  • Grandma GG says:

    The View is the most ABUSIVE show ever!! Cant believe its still on the air instagating.

  • Gayle says:

    The old evil crazy hags will shut down anyone that disagrees with them! They will protect any animal before protecting an innocent unborn child’s! This is murder but they will not accept that!

  • Marilyn Good says:

    Why doesn’t ABC abort the whole dame show and put us out of our misery.

  • Debbie says:


  • Sam says:

    Whoopi has no morals so why argue with her. Let her wallow and suffer in her misery.

  • CF