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Mike Rowe responded to the good economic and employment news from the State of the Union address that President Donald Trump gave on Tuesday, and he had a very unique take.

Rowe was asked if he was shocked by Democrats not standing or applauding for the good announcements from the president during his speech.

“No, it’s not gonna happen,” he replied.

“What the president just said,” Rowe explained, “I can’t quote him verbatim, but it was really interesting. It was ‘vengeance, this or that, this or that, this or that.’ Now, arguments aside, the fundamental choices are binary in everything, right now, he’s right, it is ‘this or that.’

“It’s dangerous to frame everything as good or bad, right or wrong, blue collar or white collar, right? That’s where we are as a country,” he said. “As a result, we simply don’t know what to stand for, because when we hear something we agree with, if it’s coming out of a source we don’t like, we’re paralyzed.”

“Likewise,” he continued, “if we hear something we disagree with from a source we like, we can’t call them out. Because everything has been framed as this or that.”

“So my thought watching the speech was,” he concluded, “he can’t do or say anything that’s gonna make anybody stand who doesn’t like him, and neither can the other side, so the question is what can we talk about?”

Rowe continued on to explain his policy that the debate Americans need to have is what is a good job and what is a bad job.

“There are a lot of jobs,” he said.

“And the discussion” he continued, “has broken down into ‘well is it a good job or a bad job?’ We’re not talking about the existence of opportunity we’re talking about the quality of the opportunities that undeniably exist, and as a result, we have framed the debate in a way that we can’t possibly win.”

“We’re having the wrong conversation,” he said.

Rowe declined to comment on how illegal immigration impacts the blue-collar worker in America.

“I don’t know,” he said. He went on to explain how he thought both sides of the immigration simplify the problem in order to fit their political agenda.

“Somewhere in-between,” he concluded, “we’re missing the undeniable fact that the opportunities are real.”

  • Mary Johnson says:

    He is right no matter what President Trump does they will never come together. The Democrats have always been like children thrown that tantrum and mostly getting away with it. For being in the house and senate for as long as some have they have learned nothing of what the American people want and that will always be their down fall. President Trump listens and hears the American people. That is why the American people support him and will electric him once again into the White House.

  • fedup says:


  • Ed says:

    I could tell that my take on the SOTU, about it being very positive, was probably correct. I could tell because there was almost no news in my local newspaper (a very liberal city). No news until page 5, where it carried an article pointing how divisive Trump’s words were about the border wall.

    Good grief.

  • CF