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The liberal mainstream media is completely melting down and it’s glorious.

Attorney General Bill Barr held a press conference Thursday morning to discuss the Mueller report and take some questions from reporters.

Barr made it clear that President Trump did not collude with the Russian government during the 2016 election — this angered the sycophantic reporters who hate Trump.

As expected, the liberal ‘reporters’ immediately went into overdrive and accused Bill Barr of protecting President Trump.

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace was so flabbergasted following Bill Barr’s presser on Mueller’s report Thursday morning that she wondered out loud, on live broadcast if she was losing her mind.

“Am I nuts?” Wallace asked.

“You take the dystopian elements of the Trump presidency and you sometimes wonder alone in a cab, am I nuts or is this really what I’m seeing?” Wallace wondered.

Nicolle Wallace then said that Attorney General Bill Barr is actually acting as President Trump’s personal defense attorney.

Wow, she has lost it!


CNN, MSNBC and other liberal mainstream media outlets spent years peddling Trump-Russia conspiracy theories and now they have to face the music.

  • Ginny says:

    Time for the psych ward MSNBC & CNN!
    Vote Worthless Nazi Control Freak Democrats Out Of Office!!

  • Michael A Heath Sr. says:

    Remember, you guys already lost, so just shut up, right? I hear they are adding another floor to the GITMO INTERNATIONAL B&B, and maybe all the rooms will have a beautiful ocean view! Not sure, but maybe!!!

  • They’ve been obsessed with this process for all this time, and now they got nothing. So, yeah, they’re ‘nuts’ over it. The 24 / 7 / 365 central theme of EVERYTHING they do is / has been / will be is hating Trump, wanting him out, wanting him in prison, wanting everything that HILLARY AND 0BAMA deserves to hit Trump, obsessing over tweets, his hairstyle, his refusal to bow to the press as a regular politician does.
    And creeps like Adam Schitt want every detail, every page, every paperclip, to be gone over in a final, final, really really final grasp at whatever straws they think they can grab out of the thin air they have now.

  • Fran says:

    When I read about AOC’s fantasy with The Green New Deal I had a fantasy of my own. It was our Country without Democrats. Just think how wonderful this Country would be. No corruption no illegals less murders and drugs. Wouldn’t have to worry about Communist taking over our Country and tax payers dollars being wasted on sanctuary cities and stupid investigations. Have our Freedom and our constitution to protect our rights. Have Judges that aren’t corrupt. A country where right is right and wrong is wrong. And most of all Donald Trump as our President!! What a rich powerful country we could be if it wasn’t for the corrupt Democrats who hate our way of live and trying to take it away for Power and money!!!

  • Ron Moulton says:

    Nicole Wallace, you are a left wing idiot without a clue, and Chris Wallace should join you and your liars at MSNBC.

  • CF