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During the Monday White House press conference centered on the COVID-19 pandemic, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell went off-script when he called upon Americans to read their Holy Bibles and find God during this unprecedented time of crisis.

Referring to the day Donald Trump won the presidency against Hillary Clinton, Lindell said, “God gave us grace on Nov. 8, 2016 to change the course we were on. God had been taken out of our schools and lives, a nation had turned its back on God.”

After encouraging Americans to read their Bibles, Lindell then touted the low unemployment and healthy economy that President Trump enjoyed prior to the pandemic, promising that the country will roar back to life again when the crisis subsides.

“I encourage you to use this time at home to get back in the word, read our Bibles, and spend time with our families,” he continued. “Our president gave us so much hope where, just a few short months ago, we had the best economy, the lowest unemployment, and wages going up. It was amazing. With our great president, vice president, and this administration, the other great people in this country, and praying daily, we will get through this and get back to a place that is stronger and safer than ever.”

As Lindell exited the Rose Garden stage, Trump said, “I did not know he was going to do that. He’s a friend of mine and I appreciate that.”

Lindell was invited to speak at the press conference to talk about the work his company has been doing to combat the crisis by shifting production to manufacture up to 50,000 N95 medical masks a day starting this Friday.

“Given our current business lines, we are experiencing the effects of this pandemic firsthand,” Lindell said earlier in the conference. “We’ve dedicated 75% of my manufacturing to produce cotton face masks.”

During Lindell’s speech, CNN cut away after the president introduced him. The network did not cut away, as some have alleged on Twitter, when he mentioned God.

On social media, reactions to Lindell’s comments ranged from enthusiastic to vitriolic, with some people calling it a plug for his company without recognizing the fact that his company will be producing much-needed masks.

“Once the Trump-aligned My Pillow guy came on to give a free infomercial from the Rose Garden, CNN cuts away– good on them for not giving oxygen to this partisan corporate bulls**t,” tweeted Bryan Tyler Cohen of Occupy Democrats.

“My Pillow is now making highly absorbent pillows so you can cry yourself to sleep after watching this press conference,” tweeted the official “Full Frontal” Twitter account.

“Trump just had the My Pillow guy speak. The My Pillow Guy. These aren’t press conferences to calm the American people. They’re infomercials for Trump and his friends,” tweeted NBC late-night writer Nick JackPappas.

Janice Dean of Fox News called out the hypocrisy by noting that they would be cheering Martha Stewart had she appeared alongside President Barack Obama during such a crisis.

“If it was Martha Stewart coming out into the rose garden to help President Obama you guys would be applauding! I’m critical of a lot of stuff that’s happening right now. This is not one of them. Go My Pillow Guy!” she tweeted.

  • Michigander says:

    Mike Lindell is a christian and a good guy. He’s doing the right thing and the left is imploding. He’s right. We have told God to step aside and He did, but He’s never left us. We need to bring God back into our daily lives.

  • Timothy says:

    It is really shameful that the Greatest Country in the world has so many people who are soooooo hateful and EVIL. They are unable to see goodness right in front of their eyes. Satan has filled so many peoples hearts with vile hatred. Evil will not destroy the silent majority as the blessed are still alive and well.

  • Bob says:

    He should run for President in 2024 !


    The guy has been to hell and back. No one should give him grief.

  • Kevin says:

    God bless him for spreading the word and promoting bible reading and study.
    Pray that Jesus finds us doing his work when he returns.
    Jesus is returning soon. Just look around and compare todays events around the world to bible prophecy. Many people can sense the times of the end.

    Repent and believe the gospel, 1Cor15:1-4

    Believe unto salvation, Romans 10:9-13

    John 3:16

  • Gusty says:

    Right on Mike for standing up for God thank you. As soon as I can get out to shop being an old lady I will buy his pillow . Now not making the money doing all we can to save lives for all of us and the World . Make sure our families out of work no jobs have food and can keep their utilities paid. Salvation Army has set up funds. Give to the Salvation Army to help so many families? Grocery are setting up for food boxes and money to give to feed in communities. Maybe the grocery can give out credit cards for the next couple of months for families to get food and pay back when this is over and they get back to work . Many families both are out of work . Not do food through the state this is paperwork forever. Just give credit for this time so they can have food ? Set up for donations to be made when buying also . Full stomach helps to get by at least. God Bless.

  • CF