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The abortion debate is at the forefront now as states bravely step out to enact laws to protect the lives of babies in the womb. And it’s bringing awareness of the life-or-death issue to people who may have considered themselves pro-abortion simply because it seemed like the most pro-woman position to have.

Now Kirsten Watson, the wife of NFL champion Ben Watson, is speaking out against some of the biggest pro-abortion arguments that get thrown around these days. She was pregnant with twins at the time, which her husband announced during a New Orleans Saints game in November, and has now given birth.

In a video for pro-life group Live Action, Kirsten presented an incredible argument against the “my body, my choice” line that often gets used as a feminist defense of abortion.

Standing up for women’s bodily rights, she pointed out that “bodily rights are especially important when a woman is pregnant because there is more than one body involved.”

“Some people try to say that ‘children in the womb are part of the woman’s body,’” she continued. “But come on. If a child in the womb were literally part of a woman’s body, like her arm or her leg, then I would have three hearts, three brains, thirty fingers…”

“…and because there are two boys in there, I’d be mostly male.”

“Think about it: We would find it horrifying if a pregnant woman intentionally took drugs while knowing that it could cause her child to be harmed physically or mentally,” Kirsten argued. “However, if a woman has the right to do anything she wants with her body, including terminating her child, then we can’t say that’s wrong.”

She pointed out that society believes mothers and fathers have a “natural obligation to support their children” and not neglect them. They’re not allowed to “end the child’s life” if they can’t take care of them after their born, so “it follows that they have the same duty [to care for them] before birth.”

Kirsten also talked about the danger of making abortion solely a woman’s choice because it sends the message to the man that it’s solely the woman’s problem. Plus, by law, men don’t get to say “my body, my choice” and refuse to use their bodies to work and pay child support if the baby is born.

She then took on another pro-abortion argument, saying, “It’s backwards to say that preborn children do not have a right to life because they are completely dependent on the mother’s body. An infant once born is still completely dependent on the bodies of others for survival.”

Watch her video below:

  • Pattie Kelly says:

    I saw the movie “Unplanned” where the actress played herself in the movie and this was about “her body and the right to chose”. I came out of the movie crying and I am pretty sure every woman at the show was crying as well. It blows the “My Body My Right” clean off the map. If there is anyway for you to watch the movie on U Tube I highly suggest you do. That movie will explain it all.

  • Tony c says:

    You know who’s to blame for abortions, it’s not women, it’s men. Without men there are no pregnancies or abortions. Sex Education should be taught in every school in the world. When Men hear the words No or Stop, back off. I just read that doctors who perform abortions in some States can get up to 99 Years in Prison. 99 Years in Prison sounds good for a Rapist but not a doctor. The doctor is doing his or her job and deserves NO Prison time. I think the men should get the same sentence since they are the cause. With that knowledge and knowing the penalty ahead of time, would men keep their pants zipped❓Condoms and Birth control pills are a good start and plan B pills should be carried by women just in case they are Raped.

  • CF