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In a video posted Monday, documentary filmmaker Ami Horowitz went to the heart of the violent rioting in Minneapolis and spoke to the protesters.

“The media narrative has been that the protesters and the violence are distinct,” Horowitz prefaced the video, “but the vast majority of protesters that I spoke to, went out of their way to justify, in a non-socially distanced way, the anarchic orgy of violence.”

Protesting that quickly turned into dangerous and violent rioting broke out across the nation last week, following the death of George Floyd, a black man who died after an officer had his knee on his neck for nearly nine minutes, a moment captured in a video that went viral.

Throughout the video, the violent protesters justify their theft, bash America, suggest all cop “b****es” need to be killed, and, at one point, attack an old man trying to defend his property. (Luckily, Horowitz was able to diffuse the situation after gaining the protesters’ trust by likewise advocating “revolution.”)

“We’re attacking big known businesses, like Apple, Boost, Target, Walmart, BestBuy — all that s*** — Gucci, wherever the f*** you at, you better lock your doors,” one male protester told the documentarian.

“Google, Microsoft, all that bulls***, that’s all built up, that’s all slavery money,” he continued, “so when we take it back, or we burn it down, yeah. We gonna take what’s ours. You ain’t gonna give it up? Okay you ain’t having it no more.”

Horowitz asked, “This is about saying, ‘Hey man, you’re not giving it to us, so we’re gonna take it.’”

“Of course,” a female protester answered. “What do you expect them to do?”

As noted by Horowitz, it’s not just big corporations being targeted, but many small businesses, as well.

“If they didn’t kill a black man, they stores wouldn’t be burned down,” one male protester justified.

“Do we have to burn it down to rebuild it without racism?” posed Horowitz.

“Yes,” a female responded, adding, “That makes total sense.”

“Sometimes we gotta act out; it sucks that all this happened, that all the small businesses had to get burnt down, but without that, where would we be?” another male argued.

“This country was built on violence and when people had enough of the violence y’all have against us and we give it back to y’all, y’all wanna be mad,” a female protester told the filmmaker.

“Shoot back, shoot back,” one male said. “You come for me, I’m going for you,” a female protester added. “Point-blank.”

Asked if police forces should be defunded, all the protesters agreed. “Yes, we should demilitarize them,” one female yelled.

“No, actually, bro, I think we should kill them b****es,” a male said.

“America has it coming,” another protester added.

Later in the night, Horowitz saw one of the rioters threaten and then attack an older man with a thick stick and stones who was outside defending his home. Thankfully, Horowitz was able to intervene and push back the male. “No, no, no,” the filmmaker said to the attacker, pushing him back.


  • Patriot1951 says:

    “that’s all slavery money”. No, you obviously failed History 101. Only Democrats owned slaves.

  • Intellectual Impaler says:

    So, in order to be taken seriously, and not be targeted by police for doin nuffin wrong, they resort to doin sumfin to be targeted by the police with criminal behavior. Am I wrong or does any of this make sense?

    Since when have we strayed from Content of character and not the color of skin? There has been multiple opportunities for blacks to accomplish dreams of their own. Where that “racism” stems from is the Democrat Party still to this day. Their “calls” for ‘diversity’ isn’t diverse at all. It divides along hyphenated lines or blocs of people. If there is to be equality their quotas and pigeonholing people are what is hurting people. We are not African-American or Hispanic-American or Asian-American or Irish-American or any other hyphen American. We are American. All races, nationalities, 2 genders, religion. When people finally open their eyes and see that then that’s equality. But it won’t happen until the hyphenating stops and the invisible plantation the Democrat Party has kept going for over a century has finally fallen

  • CF