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WATCH: Seth Rich’s Parents Break Their Silence, Issue THIS Heartbreaking Message



The investigation continues on, even as the mainstream media attempts to bury the story. There is now a reward worth over $100,000 for information pertaining to Seth Rich’s murder.

The parents of slain DNC Staffer Seth Rich released a video denying the fake-news media claims that they want the investigation to stop, and added: “Thank you for helping us. We are just so warmed that you would step forward and try to help us find the murderer of our son.”

The video was released shortly after groundbreaking reporting by Fox News revealed that Seth Rich was behind the DNC email leak.

Immediately after Fox News broke what should be the story of the year, the mainstream media buried it. Taking cues from the DemocratPparty, the fake news outlets feigned outrage on behalf of Seth Rich’s parents.

CNN, for example, released an article claiming that Seth Rich’s parents were outraged by Fox New’s report. They quoted a “spokesman” for the family who demanded a retraction from Fox. (via CNN)

Brad Bauman is a supposed “private investigator” who was hired by a third party on behalf of the Rich family to investigate the murder of Seth. Bauman was behind the retraction demand released earlier this week.

However, Wikileaks released a tweet questioning the veracity of Bauman, writing, “Seth Rich’s new ‘family spokesman’ is Brad Bauman, a professional Democrat crisis PR consultant with the Pastorum Group.” (via Twitter)

Bauman violated the direct orders of the Rich family by speaking to the press without Seth’s parents’ permission. His parents have broken their silence to deny the claims made by their so-called “spokesman,” and to directly thank the thousands of people digging into their son’s murder.

The Democrats are in full crisis mode. They and their cronies in the mainstream media are doing everything in their power to stop the truth from coming out. However, any claims that the parents of Seth Rich are against the investigation are fake news.

Seth’s clearly distraught parents just want answers. Their son was murdered in cold-blood in a supposed robbery where nothing was taken.

We need to continuing digging into this, and we need to keep spreading awareness about the murder of Seth Rich. The Democrats have blood on their hands, and we cannot let them get away with another murder.

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  • Chance Ginger says:

    How funny! Full crisis mode! Ha ha ha

  • Randal Goff says:

    I’m reluctant to go so far as to say that the Democrats have blood on their hands but, they appear to fall short on their responsibilities in this matter. The liberal agenda draws some favor from those that conspire to dismantle this Democracy. I don’t suggest collusion on the part of the Democrats. However, any display of intent or willingness to infringe on our rights will draw favor from the enemies of Democracy. Our enemies conspire to divide us along any lines, political party, racial, etc.We must work together to identify the real threat that exists here and bring those individuals responsible for Seths murder to Justice.

  • Pat Mullaney says:

    I hope and pray that the Truth finally comes out for the sake of Seths Family, and that the people responsible for his death are found and punished

  • Kevin says:

    The Attorney General must have the F.B.I. to take over the investigation. Everyone in the DNC is a suspect and should be treated as such.

  • CF