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WATCH – These States Are Passing ‘English Only’ Laws – Do You Support Them?



Roughly 30 states in America recognize English as the official language, while others do not have an official language at all.

Some states have taken their preference for English further: including Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, and many others. They have mandated that only English be used to teach students.

On one hand, English is the primary language in America and most people speak it. And foreigners who come here should expect to have to learn it in order to communicate with Americans and our government officials.

I also think that when Americans are traveling, they should know some of the language spoken in the country they are travelling to. It is polite to make an attempt to speak to people in the  language of that country, and certainly I would not expect them to understand English!

But, for some reason, people in America are still considered “ignorant” for not knowing Spanish or another language. Some jobs even require people to have translators, so they don’t have a lawsuit on their hands.

This I do not agree with, people who come to America should speak English– especially if they work and live here. The same can be said for anyone who lives in a different country, if you move to Italy you should learn Italian. It’s the obvious answer.

But, on another hand, I can see why having only English in a school could be detrimental to a child who just arrived in our country. I want every child in America, the legal ones, to succeed here and have a great life.

However, instead of hiring translators for the classroom, or having teachers speak the child’s language, they should simply do English language classes before joining their English-speaking peers. Some children migrate to this country with only a few English words under their belt, so they may fail in a class if pushed into it suddenly.

I do believe that our schools should be taught in English, and if they struggle with the language, they can take extra courses to help them better understand English.

Liberals who make the argument that people don’t want to speak English because they want to preserve their heritage. First, its very rarely immigrants making this argument, so perhaps Liberals should actually talk to people who speak other languages before making the silly argument that culture relies solely on a language, or that immigrants don’t want our culture. Hint: they came here because they like the way we live!

On the other hand, if you really need to preserve your culture, maybe stay in your home country? No one will be upset about your language or heritage there.

What do you think? Should more states in America have more English only laws or do you think they are fine the way they are now?

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Source: Angrypatriotmovement

  • It should be a Federal Law as this is the USA and it is something that should be inforced from the Federal Level!!!!

  • Betsy Winborne says:

    Classes should be taught in English. I taught in a school that had some Japanese students that did not speak any English. One 2nd grader and two 5th. They understood some English. They came to school everyday and on Saturday they went 50 miles away to a Japanese School where they were taught English. All students did well in school. The second grader was so advanced in Math that the went to a third grade class for math. When he was in 3rd grade he went to a fourth grade class for Math. Before Christmas that first year all three students were speaking and understanding English. Their father’s were here working for Bridgestone/Firestone. They stayed for 3 years, and every Saturday was spent in an all day Japanese school so they would not fall behind in their studies while they were in the US.

  • Gail Currin says:

    I agree.

  • C. Phaneuf says:

    The problem lies in the fact that we have this politically correct mindset. We allow refugees into our country, but we don’t expect anything from them. Learn English or stay in your native land.

  • Peter says:

    I came to this country in 1955. I was just over 3 years old. Less than 2 years later I went to school. In My classroom there were another dozen kids who spoke a different language. We had a little knowledge of the English language but not much. The schools had no programs for teaching English to foreigners. We learned English in our churches and what we picked up on the streets. Now we have translators for everyone who comes here no matter the country. This costs an enormous amount of money. I’m not complaining because the money their wasting now when I was in school we had a RN as well as free dental
    Can’t afford that now because of all the ass kissing. When I get papers from S.S now I can request it in something like 15 languages. Another enormous waste of money. How many hundreds of millions or more do these programs cost. Wouldn’t it be better if this money were spent so you could have a nurse in every school as well as free dental.

  • Sassy says:

    I think this is the best thing any state can do. It is awful that people come here and do not even try to learn English and that is because the don’t have to. We make it too easy for them, in every way.

  • Mike Stephenson says:

    I think not being required to learn English when you become a citizen is the most ridiculous thing in the world. Even “Uncle Teddy Roosevelt” said back 100 years ago,”If a person wants to become a citizen of a country they should at least learn their language.”

  • CF