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Former Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday participated in a “COVID-19 and Food Security” town hall with Yahoo! News. Various topics surrounding the Wuhan coronavirus came up and there were no shortage of facepalm worthy moments.

Here are just a few:

3. Getting Called Out for Vowing Not to Do Something You Already Did

Biden was asked if he would support legislation that would prevent the president from firing an Inspector general, a question clearly about President Trump’s decision to oust State Department Inspector General Steve Linick. Linick was under investigation last year for improper handling of sensitive information.

The former vice president said he would absolutely support such legislation. But he was quickly reminded that President Barack Obama also fired an IG.

“I’ve got to point out that early in his term President Obama fired the Americorp Inspector General Gerald Walpin, who was reportedly investigating one of his political supporters,” Yahoo’s Editor in Chief Daniel Klaidman said. “In retrospect, was that a mistake?”

Biden was clearly taken back by the question.

“I don’t recall that but, but I will tell you what. I don’t ever remember the president deciding that someone being investigated was inappropriate,” he said.

2. The Hydroxychloroquine Debate

The issue of whether or not President Donald Trump should use Hydroxychloroquine was up for debate. Naturally, Biden condemned the president’s decision to use the drug that has been around for decades.

“It’s like saying maybe if you inject the Clorox in the blood it may cure you,” Biden said of President Trump’s decision to take Hydroxychloroquine. “Come on, man. What is he doing? What in God’s name is he doing? From the things the president say[s] and the words of a president matter. When the president says he’s – you heard the vice president say yesterday or today saying, ‘I’m not using it. I’m not using it,’ the Vice President of the United States.”

According to the former vice president, Trump’s decision is going to impact how Americans feel about the drug and even encourage them to see it out as a potential treatment should they contract the virus.

“Look, this is absolutely irresponsible. There’s no serious medical personnel out there saying to use that drug. It’s counterproductive. It’s not gonna help,” the former vice president said. “But the president, he decided that’s the answer. So what do you think people are gonna be doing? Think they’re not going to use it? Look at the studies that have been done. It does much more harm than it does good.”

“This is totally irresponsible,” Biden said. “Totally irresponsible.”

1. What’s the Name of the Wuhan Coronavirus?

Only Joe Biden would forget the name of the coronavirus in the middle of a town hall focused on said virus.

“Thousands of meatpacker workers got sick, got cor-err-err, got the virus and some died,” Biden said.

And this, folks, is who the Democrats want to be the next leader of the free world.

  • LST says:

    Not only is he Creepy Uncle Joe, but senile too. Dumbass can’t find his own ass in the dark with both hands and a GPS.

  • Matt says:

    “My name is Fred Biden and I approve of this advert! Sorry, what? Who am I again?”

    • KD says:

      No this man will not be the president even if he wins the election. We all know his VP pick will become president! Joe’s handlers are the real ones running the country, lets see That’s Hillary, Obama & Soros. I’ll vote for anyone else but Crazy Joe.
      This election is about Keeping America Free VS Communism.


    And he just gets curiouser and curiouser.

  • Ellen Whiting says:

    Very interesting that his senility started showing up right about the time that his and Obama’s corruption started getting exposed.

  • Q says:

    Biden the Blunderer!!

    • KD says:

      What else do Democrats have to do to prove they are the most Corrupt Power Hungry Dangerous people ever in our nations history?
      I refuse to Ever associate Again, with my Democrat friends,
      I see they are selfish evil people. They drank the Koolaide!

  • CF