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A reporter for a Canadian news publication was allegedly attacked on Monday when he confronted transgender activist Jessica Yaniv outside a court house in Canada.

Keean Bexte, a reporter for The Rebel, posted a video of the alleged interaction on Twitter, writing, “J. Yaniv just punched me in the back of the head. Just spoke to police. Luckily there are two security cameras directly overhead at the courthouse. I need an advil.”

“Following Yaniv’s court appearance at the courthouse in Surrey I approached him outside – where filming was allowed. I had one question, I wanted to know if he would be pleading guilty or not,” Bexte told The Daily Wire. “Within several seconds, Yaniv charged me and punched the back of my head while holding me down. Police have been reluctant to charge him before, and so I’m speaking to legal council to figure out my options to make sure this menace sees justice.”


Bexte posted two videos prior to the confrontation that escalated into a physical incident, one of which showed him confronting Yaniv at a different point earlier that day.

Bexte tweeted: “DISGRACEFUL: BC Sheriffs have barred me from the courthouse where Yaniv’s appearance will be in 20 minutes. They say that my being here amounts to harassment. Yaniv has law enforcement wrapped around their finger.”

A little over an hour later, Bexte tweeted, “BC Courthouse Sheriffs prioritize a predator’s (J. Yaniv) ego over a reporter’s right to be in – and report on – an open courtroom of international significance. Yaniv is currently seeking a publication ban, and the sheriffs are happy to assist with that, even in public places.”

Yaniv has also been the subject of widespread mockery, including from comedian Ricky Gervais, who wrote on Twitter: “It’s disgusting that a qualified gynaecologist can refuse to check a lady’s c**k for ovarian cancer. What if her bollocks are pregnant? She could lose the baby. I’m outraged.”


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  • Michael says:

    Should have cracked the mother fucker right in the face. Anybody, male or female, puts a hand on me, they’re getting it back. You throw a punch, you better hope you put me down with it, because if you don’t, you’d better believe I’m putting you down.

    • proud patriot says:

      Wow, Michael, you sound like a real man’s man. A macho guy who is so tough that if a woman hits him, he will take her down. So very Trump-like. I guess Michael was inspired by the time Trump beat his wife, tearing chunks of flesh from her scalp as he raped her.

      • Wilson says:

        See the only person liking your comments once again is you. How very liberal loser like of you. Go back to under your bridge wanna be troll.

      • Wilson says:

        And you sound like a puss who will ball up on the ground and let anyone beat you to death. Someone tell sad sack that women beat men just as much as men do women in domestic violence cases. The only reason they go un-reported most of the time is embarrassment. Women are notorious for making up fake claims of abuse. Or has last year escaped your one track anti-trump mind?

      • RASH says:

        Hey asswipe, proud patriot, please post ANY proof you have that Trump EVER “beat his wife, and tore chunks of flesh from her scalp as he raped her”! You got Trump mixed up with the serial rapist, “Slick Willy Clinton”, and his lesbo wife, carpet munching Hillary!

  • Brenda says:

    Unbelievable!!! This is Clearly assault by Yaniv and he/she should be arrested for it! You don’t attack anyone physically and…you don’t yell ‘get away from me’ while pursuing the person so you can continue to attack him!!! Yaniv should have walked away, as this reporter was clearly doing! Moron!!!

  • Evangeline says:

    So the assaulter walks by the cops free and the victims is banned from the courtyard for harassment? WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY TODAY!

  • Wilson says:

    if that retard had come at me would have shot him on the spot and call it self defense pussy BC law be damn. It would be the last time he would be in the media, besides liberal roaches coming to its defense.

  • CF