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I am telling you right now, the biggest hoax going on in America (besides the COVID panic) is the lie that Joe Biden is winning.

It’s actually laughable at this point.

The polls are a joke. I saw a Fox News poll today that had Biden ahead, but they had Indie voters at 5%.

I actually busted out laughing when I saw that.

The media (yes, even Fox News) are working overtime to try and make this look like a “tight race.”

It’s not. And yes, I know we all must still be diligent and turn out en masse, but this idea that Biden is “winning” is a straight-up smoke and mirrors hoax.

The enthusiasm is the ONLY way you can cut through this media circus and judge what’s really going on in America…and it’s all Trump.

And CNN found this out the very hard and embarrassing way when they tried filming a live report from a Nevada rally.

Their story was not one of enthusiasm.

You can watch the video below:

We’re at the point in the election cycle where the media will no longer be able to hide the support and enthusiasm for President Trump.

Biden is using COVID as an excuse not to have rallies, but the reality is, he has no enthusiasm and no support.

And those are two things you desperately need in order to win an election, especially a presidential one, and nothing the media can fake will change that.

  • Sesa says:

    We’re cooking with grease, now baby!

  • The Communist New Network always in hopes the Trump Deplorables won’t show up. We will always show up, Biden on the other hand thinks 10 people is a crowd. To CNN, MSNBC, ESPN, NBC, CBS, and ABC, and at times FOX, get ready for a red wave and kiss our very anti BLM, anti Antifa, Christian, Pro Police, Deplorable asses.

  • LST says:

    Proud to be a “deplorable!”

  • Stephen Russell says:

    We mean 8 more Years OK
    others run in 2024?
    Jared, Eric??

  • Mj says:

    The media is our enemy! Take nothing for granted, don’t stay home on November 3rd go vote! VOTE ALL REPUBLICANS, then stay on your representatives butt by calling, writing or go in person to see them. Tell them we want results to protect us from this lawlessness ever happening again! Give the authority to shoot these so called peaceful protesters that are burning, destroying, injuring, and killing innocent people and businesses instead of using rubber bullets and tear gas. There is nothing peaceful about these protests, they are riots. I am sick of all this crap and laws need to be put in place to stop this without going through these disgraceful and destructive displays! Please…GO VOTE NOVEMBER 3rd! TRUMP 2020

    • WaveForm says:

      YES folks, please get out and VOTE!!!! It may be one of the most important things we will do, in recent history!

      Get out and VOTE, VOTE RED in November!

      Trump/Pence 2020

  • James says:

    The Democrat Party is sickening and pathetic.They lie day in and day out with NO guilt or embarrassment. We must remember when you lie constantly, you soon start believing those lies. They’re all suffering from a disease far worse than the phoney COVID19 pandemic. It’s called T.D.S. TRUMP DERANGMENT SYNDROME. They truly are a pitiful bunch.

  • WaveForm says:

    Hhahahaha, love it! Well deserving of chicom news network! Home of Fake News, LIES and Propaganda!

    Faux news has gone the way of the DoDo bird……..done. They’ve still got a few good reporters but all in all, they are done!

  • CF