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President Trump and first lady Melania Trump made a surprise visit to the Capitol Rotunda on Monday to pay respects to former President George H.W. Bush, who is lying in state there until Wednesday.

The unannounced visit was somber, with neither Trump nor his wife saying anything. Instead, they stood near the flag-draped coffin, with Trump saluting the 41st president while Melania held her hand on her heart.

“Departure from the White House and travel to the Capitol were off the record at the request of the White House, which cited security concerns,” a reporter who traveled with the pair wrote in a pool report.

The president and first lady boarded a motorcade a little after 8 p.m. for the six-minute ride down Pennsylvania Avenue to the capitol. While the Rotunda had been opened to visitors shortly before the couple arrived, the area was closed off while they were there.

The First Couple was not accompanied by congressional leaders. Instead, the Senate Sergeant at Arms and House Sergeant Arms brought them into the room. The room filled with the click of cameras from the photographers who were there to cover the event. They stayed two minutes, and the Rotunda was re-opened shortly after their departure.

Bush died Friday at age 94. Trump sent the presidential plane to Houston to bring his body to Washington, D.C. The president and first lady will attend his memorial service at Washington National Cathedral on Wednesday, but the president will not deliver a eulogy.

The Trumps visited shortly after Vice President Mike Pence delivered a moving speech about Bush and Pence’s son Mike, who is a Marine aviator, that occurred only months before Bush passed away.

Trump also said he will visit the Bush family on Tuesday at the Blair House, near the White House.



  1. Rick

    December 4, 2018 at 7:15 pm

    Waiting for the media to complain about something they did wrong..

    • Jean

      December 4, 2018 at 8:25 pm

      They already did … from what Melania was wearing, etc. etc. Did we expect anything else??


    December 4, 2018 at 9:17 pm

    At last…Our First Lady and the President are there with class. Something that has been missing for way too long.

    • Nick Byrne

      December 4, 2018 at 11:20 pm

      Trump has always had class, idiots like you just can’t see it or won’t admit it due to your stupidity and hatred for the truth. Sure, Trump speaks his mind, but it is always truth; something you lefties hate.

  3. Audrey Breeden

    December 4, 2018 at 9:53 pm

    Praise God for President George H. W. Bush – Praise God for our President and Mrs. Trump who visited the Rotunda showing their respect!! God Bless the Bush Family, the Trump Family and God Bless our Great Country!!!!

  4. D.

    December 4, 2018 at 10:47 pm

    Amen !

  5. Paul Capocasa

    December 5, 2018 at 6:36 am

    I love how the did what they did and the left are too stupid to realise the Trumps have zero respect for Bush. Notice Melania put her hand on a place that has no heart…hahaha

    • Danny

      December 6, 2018 at 3:18 am

      Of course they have zero respect for the bushes. You are talking about a family that loves this country ( Trump’s ) who wants for America to be independent and a sovereign nation forever as opposed to a family ( bushes) who wants for us to join and be ran by people who are not Americans ( globalist ) and have open borders with Americans living like the rest of the world. That is what Obama meant by redistribute the wealth. Give Americas wealth to the rest of the world. 41 talks about the NWO in over 200 speeches he had as president. When we succeed and oh we will was his favorite quote.

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