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A protester dressed like President Donald Trump was escorted out of Vice President Mike Pence’s speech Thursday at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

Pence took the stage at CPAC 2020 around noon (eastern time) Thursday, opening his speech with a message of optimism about America’s odds of defeating the coronavirus, and Trump’s odds of reelection. However, less than 10 minutes into the vice president’s remarks, a protestor dressed like the president stood up near the front of the audience and began yelling about Trump and “white supremacy.”

Secret Service and event security quickly apprehended the impostor, who was escorted out of the venue by about a dozen officers.

Despite the disruption, many CPAC attendees seemed delighted by Pence’s speech, which triggered several chants of “four more years” and copious applause.

  • Matt says:

    They should have shot him.

  • Evangeline says:

    The Dems just make themselves look ridiculous with these stunts. What did that accomplish? Nothing. lol

  • Bob Broussard-Hopper says:

    Funny that nobody calls Bernie a White Supremacist. He wants to make the USA like Denmark – 92% White, and the Netherlands – over 90% White. He applauds Russia, another notable bastion of racial equality that is more than 85% White.

  • CF