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President Donald Trump reacted to learning about Republican Utah Sen. Mitt Romney’s self-quarantine with what a White House reporter perceived as sarcasm.

Romney announced the self-quarantine Sunday after learning that fellow GOP Sen. Rand Paul, with whom he has had contact, had become the first U.S. senator to test positive for the novel coronavirus.


“On top of Senator Paul now four senators are in isolation and the rules say …” the reporter began.

“Who are they please? Who are they?” Trump asked.

“Romney, Senator Lee, Senator Gardner and Senator Rick Scott, also,” the reporter said with some help from the room. “Two of them were in contact …”

“Romney is in isolation?” Trump asked abruptly after shifting to something else. “Gee, that’s too bad. Go ahead.”

“Do I detect Sarcasm there, sir?” the reporter asked.

“No, none whatsoever,” Trump responded.

The press conference continued with the president answering a question about senators possibly voting remotely.

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  • errollus says:

    WHO notice early Jan: The CV is NOT CONTAGIOUS!
    Why aren’t people calling them out? The Pres stopped all incoming flights within days. Sleepy Joe and Benedict Romney opposed that!!!

    • Bird says:

      People forget… In April of 2009, the H1N1(Swine flu) became a pandemic. But it wasn’t until six months later, October, that then-President Obama declared a public health emergency on what was already a pandemic! While there were 18,500 laboratory-confirmed deaths due to the H1N1 influenza outbreak in 2009, new estimates from an international group of researchers indicate more than half a million people world wide. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that swine flu infected nearly 61 million people in the United States and caused 12,469 deaths.

  • Jimmy says:

    Tiny, thin-skinned Donnie. What a pathetic loser he is. Many will die because of the inept and bumbling manner and this vain and petty narcissist.

  • Ken says:

    It couldn’t happen to a better RINO. Now if Pelosi would get it perhaps she would see the need to sign the Coronavirus Bill #3.

    • Joe P says:

      No–it got too close to passing, so now SHE wants to make her own bill and STEAL THE CREDIT from the the SENATE!!! She and the puke SCHUMER!! They used the “same old excuse”—it’s a bailout for BIG BUSINESS!!! The DimocRATS are like a broken record—NOTHING WORKS except if it’s THEIRS!!

      • Bird says:

        From what I’ve read, Pelosi wants to include, in her own bill, large amounts of money to bail out and aide the future of Planned Parenthood and abortion! THAT sounds like a package they might vote for.

    • Jimmy says:

      Let all the filthy vermin die. God Trump shall live. Who cares if millions die, as long as Trump’s enemies are among them. Death to everyone death death death that is what we love death for Trump’s enemies. This is all about our God Trump. Many will have to die for him.

  • cathy says:

    Don’t you just love the top notch intelligent brains of the media!…”do I detect sarcasm there, sir”
    How much did mommy and daddy pay for that college degree??!!!! idiot

    • Jimmy says:

      Exactly Kathy. Trump should make whatever jokes he wants about horrible losers whom he hates. It will delight Trump that some of these horrible losers die of the COVID or as I like to call the eggroll virus. It is fitting it is right it is good. Worship Trump.

  • Jimmy says:

    Ha ha ha, I like to call it the Chinese Romney virus. Maybe Rosie O’Donnell will get it too! Ask the Deep State Department. I’ve got a million of these zingers, people! Step right up to the greatest show on earth, the death of the nation.

    But I have billions, Folks, I sacrifice it all to be your savior. Ha ha ha I am the great and mighty Trump! Look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me me me me me me me me me

  • Bob Plumlee says:

    Make it permanent !

  • CF