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WATCH: Trump’s Lawyer Just Went on Live TV and Revealed James Comey’s Worst Nightmare



President Trump’s lawyer, Jay Sekulow responded on Live TV about allegations made under oath by former FBI director Comey.

I have no idea what the context of that call was or was going to be. And I can’t speculate on that. But I would say at the outset, George, and you raised this, the issue of the leak from James Comey to his friend at Columbia Law School, that was ultimately leaked to The New York Times, is unprecedented.

I mean, I want everyone to be thinking about this. The current — then current FBI director took contemporaneous notes, put them on a form, used government facilities to do that. If an FBI agent does that, they usually fill out a form 302.

Could you imagine what would happen if an FBI agent then leaked that form 302 out to The New York Times, what the allegations would be? So this was an unprecedented move. And Preet mentioned the issue of executive privilege. The president and the administration wasn’t — they did not invoke executive privilege on this hearing, but on these documents they didn’t know what the contents were.

The president said he is going to address the issue of the tapes, whether the tapes exist or not, next week. That’s a decision that the president will make in consultation with his chief lawyer Marc Kasowitz, and that the president said he’ll address it next week.

But here’s the one thing that’s clear, right now what do you have? A leaked memo that was leaked to The Washington Post, allegedly because he read in The New York Times or he read the tweet, but yet, you know, what’s also interesting is, much of the content of what appeared to be in that memorandum was actually in The New York Times the day before.

And then James Comey made this statement, which I find also troubling. He said he issued the release or the disclosure, or I would say, leak of the information through his friend, not even directly, through his friend in order to draw a special counsel. And the next day he got one.

Watch the video below:

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  • ed says:

    So the Democrats have gone on and on about so much President Trump has said and done . Now there is proof that at least in my eyes the FBI director leaked something to someone else that got leaked to the NYT. This happened during the election. Seems to me every time Democrats go into blaming Republicans for something It usually turns out they are the ones who already did it or are going to. Time for the democrats to sit down and hush up. Quit obstructing our President. You are bound to be caught !

  • CF