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Fox News host Tucker Carlson aired supposedly never-before-seen footage on Tuesday night from the shootings in Kenosha, Wisconsin, last month that involve 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse.

“The footage shows Rittenhouse running with a fire extinguisher. Rosenbaum appears and appears to chase after Rittenhouse when a single gunshot is fired,” Fox News reported. “A surrounded Rittenhouse squeezed four shots in Rosenbaum’s direction. Seconds later, three additional shots were reportedly fired by an unknown shooter. One bullet grazed Rosenbaum’s head while another penetrated his right groin, his left thigh, and his back.”

“There was an enormous amount of video shot that night in Kenosha, mostly by citizens with iPhones,” Carlson said in his lead-up to airing part of the video. “We have video of all three of the shootings Kyle Rittenhouse was involved in. Critically, we also have video of the moments that preceded those shootings, the context. We’ve already showed some of that video to you but tonight, we will show you more. New never before seen footage of Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha. Now, what you’re about to see comes from the non-profit ‘Fight Back’ that was formed by Rittenhouse’s defamation attorney, Lynn Wood. For the last month, there’s been an enormous amount of propaganda surrounding this case and virtually all of it has come from the left. Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts for example, denounced Kyle Rittenhouse as ‘a white supremacist domestic terrorist.’ Now, there’s no evidence that is true. There never has been any evidence, it’s a lie so far as we know. So the questions is, what else are they lying about? Tonight we will show you context from that night and we’re going to let you decide what happened.”


  • Nathan M. says:

    Kyle Rittenhouse is a patriot and a true American hero. I hope Trump pardons him, as a counterpoint to Obama’s disgraceful pardon of Army traitor-turned-tranny Bradley Manning (aka “Chelsey Manning”, his pretendname).

  • Leland Roth says:

    Kyle won’t need a Presidential pardon. Instead I am looking fwd to lawsuits against Facebook, MSM, that congresswomen & and many others for egregious & EXTREMELY devious propaganda (& denial of ‘due” process!)

    This is going to be fun to watch America’s new ‘Audie Murphy’ get justice for defending himself against child molesters & ex-felons!

  • Art LaPella says:

    Here’s another chance for prosecutors to drop this politicized case, before they get disbarred.

  • ERIC says:

    This kid IS A hero & a patriot & needs a damn good defense lawyer if the one he has is not enough to get this kid freed! The full video WILL be played in court, you can bet your ass on THAT! Any good defense lawyer will assure that happens! The important factor is, NOT getting a biased, libtarded anti-co,p & anti gun, pro rioting jury onboard! & have every last one of Kyle’s friends & relatives & even neighbors as character witnesses too!

  • CF